Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2018

Welcome to my bloody lair my little crafty monsters and join in this year's Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2018.

Our fearless Coven leader Jo of Serendipitous Stitching fame is once again hosting this scary extravaganza. So jump on your broomsticks and fly to her post to start collecting letters. 

I was conscripted to work this sacred night and served up my colleagues with dragon blood soup, complete with human eyeballs and icy hands. 

The pupils kept falling out of their sockets though but were delicious as they slid down your throat!


Now follow me for some frightful wips that I have been working on this Hallows Eve.

Gecko Rouge Halloween SAL 2017
I will be finished this one for next Halloween or I will chop off my own head!

Another chart that also caught some moonlight is Ghosts in the Forest by Charting Creations. Soooooooo eerie to stitch. Love it!

Now to the letter

Happy Halloween my evil fiends  friends and follow the trail of destruction and blood to :

Tiffstitches a blog to procure your next letter to add to the cauldron.

xoxo Alicia

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness - October

Hi Stunners! 

This is my 100th post!!!

And of course I'm a little tardy on this post. I have had family arrive from all parts of the world for our Nanna's birthday. As much as I love them, it's been a little hectic as there are so many of them and they all want to hang out. (I mean who can blame them? LOL) It has left absolutely no time for stitching or anything outside of work. So I have a small window to get this post out. 

To start with this is HAED Vanity max colours. I have decided to do all the 7 Deadly sins as a diamond painting in a bid to the get them all done in my lifetime. 3 are already in Max colour mode on the website and as I get to them I will request the others. Just hoping someone beats me to it to save the moolah heee heee.  This chart was RAKd by the lovely Jayne from NZ. 

Page 6 completed and page 5 half done.  I can't wait to get to the lady.

Update on Rose Zircon which I am stitching for my sister. I found duplicate symbols a little too late. Which is why the border looks very off.  I sent them an email to advise and it's been 2 weeks and no reply. Not happy!!!  

I was going to abandon the whole project. But being a glutton for punishment and as I couldn't let this chart go, I found that Imaginarium has now released these charts with extra colours. So now I'm doing the 231 colours instead of 150 and 5 of which are sparkly thread.  However, there is no way I'm going to get this done in a year. So made this her gift for 5 years time. 

In the meantime I'm going to do a diamond painting of Mini Sisters max colours by HAED so that I will def get that done in a year. 

Now for a gift received!!

Amanda our stunning Stitching Angel made me this beautiful cushion. It's so cute.  Thanks Amanda for this beautiful gift. 

That's all stunners. Thanks for your patience (esp Amanda lol)

Take care and may life be magical !!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Winter Stitching Wrap up!

Hi stunners!!

Apologies for the long hiatus. 

This post is dedicated to the lovely Amanda our stunning Cross Stitch Angel. Amanda has been scolding encouraging me to put out a post. So here it is. Thanks for pushing me Amanda I really need it as you can see. Thanks so much for the support too stunner.

We have just finished Winter down Under and this is what I got up to.

Three appears to be my lucky number lately. I have two page three finishes. Firstly I have completed 3 pages on Alisha. So happy to see the end of all that blue and lookie that's her foot, well the bottom of her shoe anyway, so she has technically made an appearance. The next page is going to be so cool as it's Alisha's head. And I am really enjoying diagonal stitching.

Next is Carnival Moon, another HAED.  
I haven't worked on this since 2016 and I remembered how much I love it, so have made it a focus piece. I completed page 3 as well on this beauty. I love the colours, such a fun stitch. 

Also still getting some love is Theatre of the Absurd and I pray to the cross stitching Goddesses to help me get a September finish.  Just a partial page to go and some ninja stitches on the second last page. I've forgotten what it's like to actually finish something. So it would be wicked cool to get one under my belt to spur me on. 

I was cleaning out the craft room and let me tell you that was no mean feat. I found my old old old wip of Vanity, which I started in 2010!!!! My beautiful friend Jayne from NZ RAK'd me the Max Colours version of this which I am working on as a diamond painting so I actually had no intention of finishing this as a cross stitch. But when I picked it up to throw out I just couldn't do it. All those lush purples and the bright blue in the circles that just pops against them. My cross stitching soul just wept at the thought of  abandoning her. So I have decided to keep going and gift it or maybe just keep it as a solo feature in my know when I finish it. Ha ha. This is where I left her and as you can see I'm working across the entire row. 

So that's where I am at. I'm currently doing the Mini Million Marathon on the Ultimate cross stitching FB challenge so I will be a busy Princess over the rest of September as it's a team effort to get a Million stitches in 3 weeks. So can't let the team down. 

That's all for now stunners. Thanks for visiting and I promise on all my stash to be a better blogger and blogger friend. I have set aside Thursday for blog reading so I will catch up with you all and your adventures. 

Take care stunners and may life be magical. 

xoxo Alicia

Monday, May 28, 2018

IHSW and Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - May

Hi Stunners!

This post will be short and sweet as the wip I worked on covers both these SAL's.

I was working on my sisters gift of Rose Zircon from Imaginarium by the artist Maxine Gadd. 

As some of you may know I am trialling diagonal stitching and have decided due to the large amounts of flesh coloured tones and chunks of black that I would do this entire chart in diagonal working from one corner to the opposite one until finished. So not page by page as I am doing with Alisha.

I hope and pray that I have counted correctly otherwise I'm going to have a lot of frogging to do when I get to her face. 

If you're interested this is the Floss tube that helped me get started:

That's all stunners! Told you it would be short and sweet. 

Take care and may life be magical 
xo Alicia

Saturday, May 5, 2018

April Adventures!

Hi Stunners

As promised this is what I got up to cross stitch wise in March and April.

I will start with the successes. March was mainly taken up with Snow White by Gecko Rouge (retired). I finally completed the 2 pages on Snow White. And very excited to report that I have reached one of the dwarves. He is not my favourite one but just happy to get to him, nevertheless. That's his head near Snow's elbow. I really enjoyed working on this and looking forward to her next turn in the rotation! I have decided to always complete 2 pages on her before moving on as I really really want to finish this one.

April was taken up with 2 wips mainly. Heaven on Earth by Mystic Stitch and Alisha by HAED.

I'm very happy with my progress on Alisha, not so much on Heaven. The confetti got the better of me, though I do love the colours. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a page finish before moving onto Alisha. Oh well there's always next time. 

Heaven on Earth


Once I finish the feathers, Page 1 will be complete and due to the diagonal stitching I've actually started page 3. I'm going to keep going till I finish all 3 pages.  I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this. I would love to continue but I can hear the other babies spitting their dummies and stamping their feet with impatience. So I have promised to move on soon as it's getting really noisy in the craft room! 

What's in store for May Mayhem? 

I will be working on TOTA simulateously with Alisha for this month. This is where I'm currently at with this wip.

And then it's back to Carnival Moon. This is another wip that I haven't stitched on since 2016. What the hell was I doing last year??? Both these wips are up to page 3 and I'm determined to finish them in May. 

That's all I have to report at this time stunners. And I waited until the 4th of May to post just so I could say "May the fourth be with you"  Happy Star Wars day Stunners!!!!

Take care everyone and may life be magical for you

xo Alicia

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness and IHSW - April

Hi Stunners! 

I'm a little late for GG but kinda on time for IHSW so that balances out, right? 

For the GG SAL I worked on my sister's gift project - October Rose Zircon by Maxine Gadd from Imaginarium. My deadline is October 2019 so I really need to motor on with this gift. Also I have moved it off the Q-snaps and onto a permanent Millennium frame so my stitching is much faster now as the Q-snap was awkward to work with using the Millennium stand. Fingers crossed, that also making it my focus piece will speed things up. 



You can just see the corner of her eye. I started in the middle which is probably the most boring page of the entire chart. *Sigh*


IHSW weekend I spent working on Alisha by Myka Jelinka. I was shocked when I checked my cross stitch app and discovered that I haven't stitched on her for 2 years!!!!! So she has been added to the rotation too. 

June 2016

After IHSW 

I was flying through it until I started on the parrot. Confetti city. I am trialing diagonal stitching since I have watched 2 floss tubes vids on it and I think it really helps with the lines when doing a massive chunk of light coloured background. Will see how this goes. I'm going to work on her until I finish the 2 pages. The second page is all just light blue background with a bit of shoe down the botton.

Here's what the chart looks like.

That's all from me stunners! 

I'll be back at the end of the month with all my other progress for March and April.

Take care and may life be magical 

xox Alicia

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The road stitched so far!

Hi Stunners!

It's time for the results of my January Jaunts & February Frolics. I'm a little behind on my goals to stitch between 100,000 to 200,000 stitches this year. But I'm hoping to giddy up and get alot done this month.

So for January I had a new start for the new year. 

It's Heaven on Earth by Mystic Stitch and it's worked on 18ct white Aida 2 over 1. 

1837 stitches

I also managed to complete 1000 stitches on my Gecko Rouge - Snow White in January. 

Start of the year

January progress 

And 2176 stitches more for February! How cool are my glittery needle-minders. The lipstick was my most recent acquisition, perfect for a Snow White wip. I'm really excited to finally reach one of the sexy dwarves. See that smoosh of fuzzy brown near her elbow, yep that is the top of his head. Rrrrrrrrr

February progress
The other wip I worked on was QS Theatre of the Absurd. This is from the 2013 Heaven and Earth designs BB Freebie SAL. And it isn't even my oldest wip!! I'm determined to finish this in March. And then I can re-start the 2011 Freebie SAL LOL. 

Start of the year

January Progress

February Progress
Also my new start of Rose Zircon by Maxine Gadd from Imaginarium got 600 stitches. 

My January stitch totals are 4588 as I am including my diamond painting as seen in my previous post.

February was a little less impressive at 3051.

I'm going to need a whopping 9237 to catch up and be back on track for a minimum stitch of 100,000 by the years end.

With the help of all the challenges from the Ultimate Cross Stitch group on FB and all the support I get from you wonderfully amazing and stunning followers, I know I will be able to achieve it. 

Good news is that I got my new computer all set up at home and now I can access my emails and reply to all your brilliant and hilarious comments. 

Happy stitching for March stunners, may this month be full of love and magical things.

Thank you so much for the visit.

xoxo Alicia

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL and IHSW February

Hi Stunners!

Yep I'm late again. 

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their amazing comments and cheering on my last post. You guys are the best and absolutely become my muses. Mwah. 

I wanted to reply to each of you individually, which I will, but my computer was struck by lightning! Luckily it was 4am and I wasn't using it at the time not that I would have during an electrical storm. My whole street lost alot of electrical equipment, so for a week all we saw were delivery vans delivering new TV's. Woo Hoo!!


First up I managed to finish another page on my diamond painting - Galaxy Girl from HAED. This was a gift from my lovely stitchy friend Helvi. So only 3 more pages to go for the row finish. So sparkly I love it. Thanks to Jo from Serendipitous Stitching for organising this SAL. 


I'm so loving that IHSW has returned to the realm. Thanks to Joysze and Jo for organising this brilliant SAL. IHSW February I worked on a new start but it was technically a re-start of Rose Zircon. I bought this chart by Maxine Gadd from Mystic Stitch to stitch for my sister. However, I was really really detesting the Mystic chart. It was so hard to read and the symbols were frustrating, which led to it being neglected.

Luckily Maxine decided to open her own cross stitch company Imaginarium and she updated the chart so it's more detailed and with a bizzillion more colours, however the best thing about it, is the chart. It's large print and the symbols are really cool. The symbol key is colour coded so you'll find alot of the similar colours in one section, so there is not alot of page flipping. Love it! Here's the difference in the charts.

Mystic Stitch
Image result for rose zircon imaginarium

This is where I left the Mystic Chart so I'm looking forward to get to that section to compare.

Mystic Stitch

And this is what I stitched for IHSW, the bottom row of 10x10 grids. Unfortunately the bobbinating took longer than expected so this is more just a Sunday stitch of 600 stitches. I've decided to start in the middle as I am not doing the black background beyond the silver frame. And considering leaving the word "Rose Zircon" off the wip altogether, so I didn't want to have to figure out all the calculating and measuring, I just wanted to START!! 

The needleminders are symbolic too. David Bowie was the first concert I had ever been to and it was with my sister. We have seen Episode IV V VI of Star Wars together and it continues to be our favourite out of all of them so far. As for the Angel Wings, well I have to have some bling and I thought they fitted the colour scheme.

That's all stunners.

I hope everyone is enjoying February so far and may March be even more magical.

Thanks for visiting, you guys are too cool.

xoxo Alicia