Thursday, 31 October 2019

Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop

Hello my mischievous minxes! Welcome to my Deadly Den and join in this years 2019 Halloween Blog Hop! 

Our spooktacular leader is the fearles Jo from Serenditious Stitching where she has all the ingredients for this lethal spell!


For my Halloween wip I am working on Ghosts in the Forest by Charting Creations. My coven made up of 3 wicked witches from Down Under are working on this together. The other 2 hags are stitching across the chart and I am working downwards. 



As you can see my witch sisters are flying ahead on this one.  And this is my Halloween purchase this year, Dark Unicorn from Thread Geeks design. 

And now for my letter:

To continue on this homicidal journey please climb onto your broomsticks and fly to    to get your next letter.

Have fun my crafty demon children and enjoy your Halloween night!

Until next year, have a murderous and bloody time.

xo Alicia

Sunday, 4 August 2019

July Jaunts!

Hi Stunners!

I've fallen in love with cross stitching again, and it helped that I found time to actually do it. 

I almost had a page finish with Ghosts so very happy about that.

The exciting bit is that the lighter blue wisp down the right hand corner is the appearance of my first Ghost!! I will definitely finish this page in August. 

I have really gotten into diagonal stitching. And I had to re-start "Lost In You" by Rachel Marks as unfortunately the original was damaged and stained. I have tried every kind of fabric cleaner and the white floss (which is alot) has been yellowed. So sadly I had to re-start it. But as I'm doing it diagonal across the whole chart I won't be technically re-stitching parts that I have already done any time soon.

This is where I got on the first one, 

And here is my re-start. I'm also now stitching on 18 count white Aida and the first one is stitched on 22ct. 

So I will be finishing the female elf first as the diagonal progresses. 

I decided to have a work project as so many stitcher's seem to get a lot done on their work wips. So I chose "Lady Butterfly" by Alessandro Della Pietra. I am a Crystal Club member with Paine Free crafts and this kit was one of my club choices.  

It's perfect for work as it's being stitched on 18ct Magic guide fabric and the chart you receive with the kit is printed out in a very large format so no need for any magnifying lamps. This is what I have achieved so far. I've converted it into another diagonal stitched piece to keep it simple but will only be doing it page by page and not across the whole chart. Only reason being is that it's mounted on a Stitch Ezi Frame and it's difficult to have to keep moving the fabric in the hoop. 

It's great to have a work project that I love stitching as it motivates me to actually GO to work. And if I get stuck on a channel with someone that I don't really like, well then it's head down and I cross stitch like mad. Pretty cool right?

That's all for now. I will be back for the GG SAL as I am working on Mini Sisters which is a gift for my sister. So hoping to have something worthwhile to show.

Take care everyone. May life be magical to you always. And thank you for stopping by. 


Sunday, 26 May 2019

IHSW and Gifted Gorgeousness - MAY

Hi Stunners

I finally have something to blog about!! 

For the last few months I was always working on the IHSW weekend so never managed to stitch enough that was worthy of a progress pic, but this time I was free of work. 

I finished a page on my Diamond Painting - Vanity. This is page 5 and 6 completed so only 4 more to go for the page finish. Ideally would love to finish the entire thing this year as it is one of the Deadly Sins and there are 6 more! The chart was a RAK from my lovely friend Jayne from NZ.



Just for comparison this is where I am at with the cross stitch of Vanity. The DP is a max colours version and the stitched one is just regular colours. Vanity is my favourite out of all the sins in this collection and I had already started stitching it before there was any such thing as Diamond Painting or max colours charts released by HAED. So it will be the only one that I will be stitching.

I also made a bit of headway on Mini Sisters. I have joined a FB group that focuses on diagonal stitching.  And there is currently a 10,000 stitch challenge and Mini Sisters is my chosen wip for it. I am determined to beat this challenge. I really need to get a motor on if this is going to be finished this year as a gift for my sister. 


Now for the self gifts! HAED had a 50% off sale and I scored a few beauties that I have had my eye on for a while. 

And I couldn't pass on Jareth The Goblin King, especially when it was a Limited Edition from Tilton Crafts.  He is soooo gorgeous!!

One of my favourite bands of all time are Snow Patrol. And after 7 years they finally released an album and are touring Australia in August. I managed to get tickets for both their shows. And to add to the excitement of seeing them live for the first time I asked Lisa from "No more Lost Needles" to make Snow Patrol needle minders. So now they are always on my mind whilst doing my very favourite thing. No not drinking Chardonnay...well...Stitching (and drinking Chardonnay - lets face it)!!!

That's all for now my lovelies. I hope you are all well and that life is being magical for you!

XOX Alicia

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - January and IHSW

Hi Stunners!

Hope the year is going well for everyone and that life is magical.

My year is starting off well, I have had the most successful IHSW ever. I worked on a gift for my sister, this is mini Sisters from HAED. I stitched 774 stitches on Saturday and.....

on Sunday I managed 720 stitches for Ghost in the Forest from Charting Creations. 

I'm stitching both of these using the parking method that is demonstrated on the Scarlet Qunice website. It really does make for neater stitches as you only bring your needle up in a hole with maximum of 1 stitch. It's possibly slower but I do love how much neater it is. And as Sisters is a gift, neatness is very important, but saying that I have to finish by Halloween as that's her birthday. I calculated that I need to do 256 stitches per day, which I'm a little behind on but I have got 2 weeks leave coming up and plan on catching up then. 

Well that's is from me. I'm going blog binging now as I haven't had a chance to read them and looking forward to read and see what you all have been up to so far this year.

Take are stunners!

xo Alicia

Sunday, 6 January 2019

2018 Year in Stitches

Happy New Year Stunners!

Finally the New Year is here. I love the start of the year as it holds so much possibility and hope for a magical year of stitching and life in general. 

I have developed a rotation for the year which I will post in my next post which will be the GG SAL most likely.

So here is most of what I got up to in 2018. I have left out the tiny little 100 stitches progress wips as I forgot to take photos as the progress was so dismal. 

I wish everyone the very happiest 2019, may all your dreams be realised and life be spectacular for you all. 

Onto the pics! 


QS Theatre of the Absurd

Gyukou XXL

Gecko Rouge Halloween SAL 2017

Diamond Paintings

Galaxy Girl

Greatest Progress Wip's


Snow White

Carnival Moon

New Starts

Heaven on Earth

Ghosts in the Forest

Thanks for visiting stunners! My NY resolution is to be a better blogger and blogger friend. I have Amanda, the Stitching Angell who gives me a kick up the butt when it's been too long in the tooth between posts. And I have made a pact with Kim that we both be more proficient bloggers. So this is one resolution that I am definitely going to keep, thanks to these ladies.

Enjoy January. For the Aussies stay cool it's crazy weather out there!

Take care stunners and may life be magical for you.
xox Alicia

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

November's Adventures.

Hi Stunners!

I not sure if I can say I had an overly productive November but I did manage a page finish so that's something.

Ghosts in the Forest went from here:

To here:

I am aiming for a page finish per month on this one. My 2 down under friends who are sisters are also stitching this. Sharine and Kate are working across the chart and I'm working down the chart. So the next page for me is 14. One day we will all meet in the middle and have a wicked celebration! 

My other wip for November is one of my favourites which is Gyukou by Tilton Crafts. I didn't take a before photo but here is where I ended. I think I will keep working on this till I finish the page before swapping it out. 

That's all stunners from me. 

December is going to be (fingers crossed) the completion of 3 baby samplers. Plus more of Ghosts and Gyukou.

See you on the 15th for the GG SAL.

Take care and may life be magical for you all
xo Alicia