Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally my first HAED finish!!!

Hey there stunners! Hope you are all doing really well in this funny thing we call life!

Welcome to my new followers Kaye, Simone, and Veronica. I hope you like it here and thanks for taking an interest.

Sorry for the long hiatus but I have been stitching, organising, buying more stuff and even -- wait for it -- getting rid of some stash!!! Yes my beautiful followers the Princess has reduced her stash to 181 charts!!!  So this is achievable in my lifetime so feeling good, feeling great, feeling awesome (sing with me) feeeling like buying more charts just so I can crack the 200!!! D'oh!

Anyhoo here is my finished Faces of Faery 88 by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. It's my first Heaven and Earth Designs finish ever!!! Yay!

Isn't she beautiful and how cute is her little purple dragonling now that he has 2 eyes and 2 horns! So I'm pretty happy and it has set my stitching mojo on fire cos I have almost finished a page on Guardian Angel and on Spring 2 Life as well. Will post on the next round.

I managed to finish the faery in time to qualify for the rewards program on HAED website. So I chose Faces of Faery 164. It was fate. I was sitting at work daydreaming and I thought of getting a pet turtle. I first asked around about what kind of poop turtles make cos I'm kinda anti faeces. I was told they were pellets, which are cool as I can deal with that, I think.

In the morning when I got home from work I was on the HAED website, sipping my fav chardonnay when a lovely faery with a turtle (or tortoise) was featured on the new charts list. So I believe that's what the cosmos was telling me to do. To get that chart rather than a real turtle. Cos let's face it I should never be in charge of anyone or any living creatures life or fate.

Plus I love her multi-coloured eyes, it's kinda freaky and weird but pretty as well.
Faces of Faery 164

Have a great week everyone. I want you all to find the time to do something crazy this week, that you would normally never do but have always wanted to. Or at least find the time for yourself and do something that YOU love. Take care stunners.

Alicia xoxo