Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Start - Fail!

Hi Stunners!!!!

Welcome Meggie and Shauna Locke to the blogowship of the Crafty Princess and thank you for joining us. 

And to Nina L from Pistellen-Stitching thank you so much for the lovely package I received in the mail. Nina sent me some chocolates from Finland, a bag of Salmiakki (which is a salty liquorice lolly) , and a Star De-Tailor which is awesome as you can use it to grab those lil short tails and finish off the thread and I also use them as needle threaders. I had just snapped my turtle de-tailor as I can be a little heavy handed with those pesky short tails so it was such a lovely gift as it's just what I needed. Thank you Nina that was such an amazing gesture. I can't post pics of the chocies as they were consumed as soon as they came out of the parcel...hee hee!
Star De-Tailor
Star De-Tailor
I know I said in my last post that I would be showing off my new starts...well....

New start 1 - Into the Deep Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL 2013 - All kitted up and ready to go. I stitched the first page and was just loving it, until I realised in my excitement to get started I must have turned the square frame  around and started in the wrong corner. So after an hour of frogging I took it off the frame and put it back in it's bag.

New start 2 - Apocalypse Princesses - Paine Free Crafts (oh the irony of that name as it was far from Pain free). I completed about a third of the first page and didn't like the colour I had chosen for the background stitches so I started to frog them (sigh - my unpicker was working overtime) and as the thread was white and I was stitching on white aida - yep you guessed it I frogged the fabric and the thread.....d'OH!!! So mega big hole. Luckily the fabric was large enough to be chopped and still fit the entire project... I took it off the frame and put it away too as I just didn't have the heart to start all over again straight away!

Decided it may be safer to stick with current wip's so I picked the sunniest one I could find to try and cheer myself up and so up first was....

Spiders Queen - Enamorte (HAED)



Page 1 completed on my Beautiful Queen! Yay. I'm stitching her on 18ct White Aida using 2 over 1 full crosses but using 3 strands of DMC for the black in the mask. It makes it really stand out against her hair and looks a little 3D but it's hard to see in the photo. I think I'm going to go down the chart and stitch page 7 next instead of 2 as I can't wait to get my needle into the mask bits. 

And den...

Lost In You - Rachel Marks (HAED)


I really missed working on this one. I think I will concentrate on it for a bit longer...well that's today's decision what happens tomorrow will be another tale again! Once again the evidence of the improved quality of the photos with the new camera. Love it!

And den...

Purple Orchid - Drazenka Kimpel (retired chart -HAED)



I worked on my lovely Orchid as part of the HAED retired chart/artists BB SAL so that's a weeks effort, though I only really got to work on it sporadically over 3 days. I'm slowly buying the thread for this as I stitch page by page as it uses Anchor thread and has 3 and half pages of required colours. So I bought the first lot of purples and couldn't wait to get to the bottom so I started working on her very bodacious purple collar. Ooooohhhhh!


And den....

QS Theatre of the Absurd - Ciro Marchetti (HAED) Freebie SAL 2013



Page 1 of this chart has been dubbed "the never-ending page" I just can't seem to finish it. I keep plugging away and there's always more to do. So after a week that's where I am.

And den.....
No more and Den!!

And what would a post from me be without some stash enhancements!!!


Mini Eros - Rachael Marks

Nightwing - Renee Biertempfel

Carnival Moon - Aimee Stewart
Carnival Moon

Inspire - Lisa Steinke

Garlic - Lisa Steinke

Next week I'll be working on Guardian Angel as I had another Angel visitation which was really cool. So in honour of him I will stitch the 3rd page. See you soon stunners and have an awesome week!