Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here comes the purple dragon!!!

Hey stunning stitchers!

I have stitched my butt off this last 2 weeks trying to get FOF88 finished by the craft show on June23rd. I haven't got as far as I would have liked but at least I've managed to complete the top row. Thankfully this chart only has 2 rows, hee hee! And the bottom row are only partial pages which is her mouth and a lovely mixture of vibrant greens and deep purples of the dragon, so will be really awesome to stitch.

Only a short update this week my lovelies as I have to get off this computer and back to stitching!

But I will be taking a break and sipping some cabernet savignon whilst perusing all your blogs. Take care everyone. And to all of you that are still under British Rule like us Aussies I hope you had an enjoyable and safe Queens Birthday weekend!

Here's my progress xo

Can you see him???