Sunday, May 27, 2012

IHSW and yep I did it again!!

Hi Stunners!!!

Welcome to Lija, Beth Pearce, Milly Muckle and TammyK. Thanx to you lovely girls I have cracked the over 100 followers! Yay celebration time.

Will have to have a giveaway for that. Let me find something worthy for you guys.

I shall get the new stash pic out of the way and then will move onto to progress pics. I don't think I need to justify this one but will have a go. All I can say is 50% off sale at HAED, the name of the chart is Alicia Aliana (hello it's my one of my names!!), Hannah Lynn is one of my fav artists, and I love the colour purple...ummm ok that's all I got on this one.

Here she is:

Alicia Aliana

Aww so cute - look at the lil dragon. Bless!


Sorry it's a wee bit late but I was working nightshifts and they really throw me around. I'm kinda like the walking dead (good show by the way).

For the stitch weekend I managed to get quite a few stitches into QS Lovers. I was really happy about my progress on them.



Sorry about the Qsnap mark on her hair but I didn't have time to iron and let's face it even if I did I probably wouldn't have.

I hate ironing. All my clothes are wash and wear and those that aren't I just wear them an hour before I'm due to go out and lie down on my bed and read. The wrinkles usually work their way out by then.  Hee hee!


The rest of the week I worked on my focus piece - Golden Wood

Also got a bit done on the golden ladies. I've decided to work 3 pages at once. It's only 2 and half rows so I just work the column from the top right down to the bottom of the entire chart. So the picture will unfold in it's entirety as I work through it. Plus it changes it up from blocks of black and red of the trees and the forest floor to the browns, greens and blues of the ladies.



Yay it's starting to look like something instead of just blobs of brown bits. 2 more columns and I will have finished my first lady.

That's it for the cross stitching part of my world for this week.

For the blog quote I chose the subject of friendship. I've moved in with my best friend for 6 weeks as her mum has gone overseas and she wanted the company and my dog sitting skills.

Her nickname is Angel and it's so fitting because that is exactly what she is to me. An earthbound Angel! Sometimes I really believe we share the same brain - we kind of have a language that no one understands but us and we see the humour in everything in life. Angel sent me a fb messge once that said "The reason God made us best friends is because our mothers couldn't handle us as sisters." It's so true, cos we can be a little bit of a handful but in a good way  (I think!)

In fact the last chart purchase of Alicia Aliana I can blame her for.

When I asked her opinion she said - "Do you like it? How much is it? Oh for god's sake what are we even discussing this for - just buy it!"

LOL! Bless you Angel!

Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.  ~Robert Brault,

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.  ~Arnold Glasow

Bye stunners have a great week and go and give your best friend a ring or even better head over and share a hug and a chardonnay with them.

xoxo Alicia xoxo


  1. Alicia is a great chart to cave to and at this point what is one more anyway?! Your other stitching looks awesome as always.

  2. You're making great progress with your stitching and I love your new chart. I've got a Hannah Lynn in my stash and I want to stitch the black first and then "colour it in"

  3. I'd love to share a hug with my besties, but they're both far away. Well, further than I can drive atm. Julie is a two hour drive north, and Rosa is an eight hour drive south. But we talk on the phone often. It's exciting to have best friends. I love them both, and they love me, so it's all good. Love the quotes, by the way. You've gotten a lovely chart. I totally took advantage of the HAED sale. Too much, lol. I put (are you ready for this) a total of fifteen charts on layaway. I'm such an addict, lol. Love your Golden Wood progress. It's looking great. And boy did you get a lot done on Lovers. That's fabulous!! Great job Alicia. Keep up the good work!

  4. The HAED chart is lovely' your stitching is great and looks like quite some progress. Enjoy the weeks with your friend. Friends are the best thing in life!

  5. I came so close to crumbling in the last sale so many times... I was just sat there looking at four charts sat in my basket, with my mouse hovering over the buy button, and that was one of the ones that I wanted. But I was good, I resisted.
    And your stitching is gorgeous, you got loads done, I'm quite green with envy!

  6. Beautiful work, as always! I bought Alicia Aliana too, she's gorgeous!

  7. Wow, I love your new chart =) That dragon is really to cute =)
    With ironing I am just like you ;-) Most of my things get crinkles anyway, so why bother with ironing (and my boyfriend goes for ironing some things, so if I ever need something ironed I know where to turn!)
    You did so much work on Golden Wood, it looks amazing =)
    And I love your Lovers (hihi) ;-)

  8. Great pics! You made good progress. Thanks for visiting me! My computer screen died and I just got a new one..I will be able to share a pic of my red ninja maybe tomorrow..she is coming right along. :)

  9. A gorgeous new chart. Lovely progress on your stitching. Enjoy your time with your friend.

  10. Wow! I'm really impressed, you've made great progress on Golden Wood. Can't wait to see more! :) A SAL together with Beauty and the Beast would be really awesome (and get me through all those french knots and backstitches), so let me know when you're going to start it! :D I probably cannot justify another new start during 2012 (have too many on my plate right now), but it will be started some time in 2013.

    And of course you had to have Alicia Aliana, your name was literally written all over it ;)

  11. I've just tagged you in "11 Things" on my blog, please join in if you want but don't feel obligated!

  12. Sorry to say, but I've just tagged you for the Eleven Things Activity. I hope you'll participate. It's fun!!! Now you've been tagged twice!!! You HAVE to participate now, lol.

  13. Cute new chart! And great progress on both your pieces :)


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