Tuesday, 22 October 2013

IHSW - October

Hey stunners!!!

I actually participated in the IHSW this time round instead of just intending to and I almost managed a page finish!

I currently have some family from overseas staying with me so it's a little hard to disappear into the Entertainment/Craft room and stitch. Which mind you is all I want to do at the moment. 

I worked on Faery 2 for the IHSW, this is page 2 and a bit of page 3. I'm still not happy with the level of detail as I thought the Castle would be absolutely enchanting but it looks a bit blobby to me.  But it's a lot of fun to stitch. And let's face it stunner's  with a 46 wip rotation and 31 of them considered to be BAP's (big ass projects) then I'm going to have to be content with the journey rather than the final destination, LOL! I'm going to make this one of my 4 focus pieces for HAED BAP's.



Charts Charts Charts Charts Charts

HAED had a recent 50% off sale so of course this Princess had to stash enhance!!

Enamorte - Halloween

Space Traveler
Space Traveller - David Hoftrichtter
Zen Duck
Zen Duck - Gordon Fitchett

Dana Dragonheart who is HAED's newest freebie fairy recently visited my WL and sprinkled some fairy dust on it and Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart appeared in my email inbox!

I was so surprised and so excited as I really really wanted this chart. I even downloaded the floss chart and started collecting the threads whilst waiting for the next sale to come so I could buy it. I guess it was one of those situations where if you wish and love something long and hard enough, it appears in your life. So thank you Dana Dragonheart you are a star!!!

Once I get the fabric she will be a new start, woo hoo!

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf - Click Image to Close
Treasure Hunt Bookshelf - Aimee Stewart

Speaking of new starts I have 15 planned. I will reveal them as I go! Once these new starts are worked into the rotation, there will be no more new starts until I get some finishes in. (smirk)

However, my next post will be of my Guardian Angel progress, plus Kim and I are working on our SAL piece Rose Cerise this month. So I will post progress pics on November 1st.

Happy Halloween!

This year I will be going as a witchy-poo! I managed to find a pink silk witches hat which even came with a fascinator covered in plastic lil spiders and a spider web cape...so cool!!


I know what most of the people are gonna be dressing up too. #drunk #funny #ecards #Halloween

Have a great week my gorgeous and supportive followers and guest stars. I  wish you all happiness, rainbows and hours of free time doing something you absolutely love. Personally I hope it's stitching so that I get to see all your Wip updates! Boo yah!

Lots of scary creepy love and hugs to you!

xox Alicia