Monday, 20 February 2012

Thank You to My Valentine Girls

Hi Stunners!

Welcome to my newbie followers Blu bird 7, Abbeybeth, Leslie D and Nikkin I hope I keep you entertained enough to stay for the journey.

I'm leaving for a road trip tomorrow for about 10 days to South Australia via Melbourne. I'm doing a coastal drive down the Great Ocean Road (which I remember being so beautiful but I was just a nipper when I was last there). Due to budget flights and petrol prices we tend to fly everywhere. So I decided to take a road trip to actually enjoy the country and not just fly by it. Plus as my kilometres on my vehicle lease needs about 6000km's on it by the end of March I thought it would be a good excuse.

However I couldn't leave without just writing about the most amazing Valentine's day. I'm single so I didn't hold for anything interesting to happen.

But I received this cute little pink and white dog holding a pink heart with the words "Be Mine" on it from my bestie girlfriend Lori. It played "You can't hurry love" and the dog danced and swayed to the music whilst it's pink floppy ears went up and down. It's sooo cute.

I had an awesome dinner at Manly wharf with Tania and Danni, tasted the best gourmet pizza - EVER! Not to mention the vino!

And then checked my emails 2 days ago and Nina aka Pistellan Stitching sent me a Heaven and Earth design chart as a gift. It was such a sweet sentiment as she couldn't find my wishlist so Nina checked the JBG's and Hannah Lynn's to try and find something I would like. But ended up buying a mini as they are the latest things from HAED so safely assumed I didn't have one and picked this one:-

Mini Hammock White Tiger
Mini Hammock White Tiger

Isn't he gorgeous...I actually squealed when I opened up the link and saw the chart. I adore it! I was so touched that Nina went to all the trouble to search for a chart she thought I would love, and she was so right. He's perfect!

I will be starting him soon as I haven't got a "MINI" category in my rotation so will slip him in. When you have a rotation of 21 Wip's 22 really isn't such a big deal LOL!  See I can justify anything. But I promised myself not to start him until I finished Spring to life..I'm on the last page so should have it done when I get back from my trip. Fingers crossed.

It's going to be awesome - me on a blanket, stitching, wine and cheese in arms reach and just the serenity. I bought an Audio book "Halo" by a young writer Alexandra Adornetto or something like that (sorry but it's packed and not undoing it all to check) to listen to if the quiet gets tooo quiet!

So I just wanted to thank my 4 Valentine goddesses, Lori, Danni, Tania and Nina for making my Valentines day so awesome! Who needs men when you're surrounded by angels???

I will post all my holiday progress when I get back around the 4th March.

Take care stunners and I hope you all had an fantastic V day as well. Thanx again girls you are so cool!

Alicia xoxo

P.S. Sorry I haven't been able to go through everyone's blogs but I've been so busy trying to get ready for this trip. But I have a month off work starting from today, so when I get back I will have all the time to read blogs and stitch and drink all the wine I buy from Sth Oz...oh man life is good!