Saturday, December 11, 2010

L for LOVE!

"L" - Selina Fenech


Well it's been a week and this is how much I have completed in the L sampler letter by Selina Fenech. I have decided to continue the Letters as a work project. The big blocks of colour make it easier to work at when you are required to frequently stop and start. Plus I want to get these finished ASAP and I can't wait the 13 weeks it will take to come back into my rotation. Although, I have used a sparkly Aida fabric I don't think it pops as much as it should. So I have bought the sparkly version of DMC 819 and will do a bit of the dreaded frogging on the pink background. I tried just using the sparkly on the top cross only to avoid frogging but it looks weird. But I will do this on the black letter and put another round of crosses on the border in some sparkly thread. The colours aren't very vibrant so had to add my Bling Princess touch.

Now for this weeks rotation it's Faces of Faery 88 by one of my fav artists - Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Below is the before pic. I have the next 4 days that will be devoted to craft and just a bit of cleaning when I need a little break so I'm hoping to get page 1 and 2 completed. As you can see I'm doing them simultaneously as there are big chunks of skin colour and parking was not required with this project. Makes it faster to stitch the 2 pages together. I'm loving the green in her eyes it really sets off all the purple in the background and the purple dragon that will be coming along soon.

Have an awesome weekend everyone. Good luck with your stitching or whatever will be filling your time. Just remember to always find time to do something you love no matter what!