Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wipocalypse - The Crafty Princess

Hi Stunners!

I wanted to show you alot more progress than this as I was hoping that since I'm on leave I would have more time. But it would seem that Murphy's law has kicked in and the more time you have away from work it seems that other things fill it up. But progress is progress and I've done the best I could despite driving over 5000 kms to South Australia and Victoria, battling flood zones, a moody mother, wine time, and other interesting distractions.

So for this months Wipocalypse only 3 goals out of 6 were adhered to (kinda sorta anways):

Goal 1

Completed not quite 340 stitches per day more like 700 per month on Faery 2 (d'oh)



Goal 2: No progress

Goal 3: No progress

Goal 4:

Progress but not as much as I intended. Trying to stick to 100 stitches per day but came in at about 1600 or so stitches shy of this goal.



Goal 5: Progress but forgot to take a photo before my last shift at work.

Goal 6:

Progress on the rotation wip


After - You'll notice I had to do a bit of frogging on the pink background. Decided it wasn't blingy enough so I am using the sparkly DMC 819
(sorry about clarity of pic it was taken at twilight).

I thought I would include some holiday pics so you could understand why goals were not met for this Wipocalpyse.

What every household needs! An underground cellar to store your bulk wine!!
That's Poochie and Penguin (yet to be named) who were my awesome companions during the trip.

This is the underground cellar at Seven Hills Winery which is the oldest winery in the Clare Valley (Sth Aust). It was established in 1851 by the Jesuits to produce sacramental wine. Which they still do till this day. I bought 3 bottles of the Chardonnay though. Hey you can go to church and get their wine for free so why buy it???

Sunset as Semaphore SA near Port Adelaide. Aww pretty!

These are pics of scary driving through floods. I was desperate to get home, as the locals said that if I stayed one more night I would be stuck in Narrandera or Wagga Wagga for a week. No offence to the locals but get me out of here!!!!! So I drove through scary lakes where there once was a road trying to get back home. I ended up having to cross the state line for 3 states 5 times during the day in a bid to navigate my way home.

This is actually a road. To the right of the car is farmland, not a lake or river that overflowed, to the left is houses. My heart went out to them those poor people that were still repairing from the last floods and they got hit again. But I will say that even though the residents were facing total destruction of all their property they still waited at the end of this lake road with their 4wd vehicles and winches in case any of the stupid tourists (yes like me) came unstuck and (shudder) stalled in the middle. And they gave an almighty cheer when I made it safely through. People can be so awesome!

Well strangers can be awesome but not my parents!! LOL! I was absolutely crapping myself driving through this and almost in hysterical tears, I could feel my beautiful 1 year old Mazda of DMC 995 colour absolutely struggling against the water. It was almost over the bonnet. In hindsight it was pretty stupid to attempt it but I was soooo soooo desperate to get home.

My father in the front passenger seat was happily taking snappy photos and going "Oh man" and "Whoa look at how high the water is!" whilst my mother in the back seat was knitting a scarf and just kept saying "It's ok darling just keep going" without once lifting her eyes from her knitting. Ah you gotta love crafters! Nothing deters them from creating and getting those UFO's completed. Not even natural disasters, which is probably why Measi's Wipocalypse is so popular. We are all like End of the World??? I don't think so biatch I've got stitching to finish!!!!

I would like to make a special mention to "The Lovely Boys" from Sew it all (Australia). Mrs Dibble, Aunty Nene, Mummy, Jen and I went to the Craft show at Rosehill Racecourse on Friday. I love catching up with Peter and Wayne they are the coolest and loveliest boys. They specialise in all kinds of cross stitch fabrics and accessories including their own range of hand dyed fabbies. All of my wips posted on this post are being worked on fabrics I purchased from them (Mind you my photos don't show up how fantastic these fabrics look in reality).

The boys have also designed and patented Grip N Stitch frames which are great for small to medium projects as unlike Qsnaps they never ever lose their firmness. And I found out they now do framing at a third of the cost and their frames can be painted, papered and whatever you like to make your project truly unique. Plus they are really cool and so helpful. Their website is They also ship worldwide for the non Aussies! So check them out if you get a chance. Ok there's my shameless plug but I adore them.

I hope everyone enjoyed this months Wipocalypse - I'm about to head to all your blogs to snoop, stalk and support your efforts!

The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.  ~Mary Kurtz
Good one Mary!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed this months Wipocalypse

Take care stunning followers and guests!


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