Monday, February 3, 2014

February YOTA

Hi Stunners!
Welcome to my new followers, thank you for joining me and all my guest stars on this stitching adventure. Thank you to everyone that left a comment on my last post. I love to reply to you personally but a lot of them were no-reply blogger ones. So thank you to all of you. You guys make me laugh and smile out loud!
Now for February YOTA.
I can't believe we are already in February, wasn't it New Years Eve last night????
My YOTA project is Guardian Angel and I'm hoping to finish the top row of pages by the years end. I have 3 completed and 3 to go.

I started stitching the background and I wanted to finish his wing, but I just couldn't wait so I just started working on the Angel. His arm looks a little bit too pink though but I'm sure it will blend in more when I have stitched his cloak around it. Thank you to Pull the Other Thread for organising YOTA, my Angel and I are very grateful as I think it will really help with this project. You're a star! For more info on YOTA just click on the Guardian Angel picture on the left hand side.
I also wanted to share with you this beautiful dreamcatcher that my bff gave me for Christmas. I finally got around to hanging it up and it's just gorgeous. She's the first thing I see when I wake up, so I always wake up happy.

Isn't she beautiful??? Do you recognise who the artist is? I'm pretty sure HAED fans will know.

I'm on holidays at the moment and as soon as I get off the computer and finish packing I'll be in the car and heading to Fingal Bay in Port Stephens. A week on my own on a beach, woo hoo!!!  I'm taking a few cross stitches, audio books and plan to relax and stitch on the beach between, swims and quaffing down seafood.

Take care my beautiful and amazing crafty friends. I'll be back for the Wipocalypse.

xoxo Alicia