Friday, November 26, 2010


I have completed the weeks rotation for Golden Wood, and as it went last week I didn't get as much done as I anticipated. I'm either really slow or not spending enough time on them, or I'm just over ambitious with my quotas. Time will tell...

Golden Wood

Now for the confession. I purchased 4 new cross stitch charts from the HAED thanksgiving sale. But in my defence I have a very good reason and I am not sliding back into my old ways. I am reading "The Power" by Rhonda Byrnes and it's all about Love and the power of Love. In order to have an amazing life one must harness the power of Love.  Anywhoo as I was browsing only BROWSING mind you the HAED website I came across the Selina Fenech Sampler Letters charts and the thought hit me like lightning - how cool would it be to have a cross stitch depicting the word LOVE to remind me of its power and to use it throughout my day. As the Law of Attraction advises one to act upon every positive impulse it was completely out of my control so I bought the charts and will be starting on the "L" today.

You see my friends I have to do this because I don't want to screw with the Universe. It guided me to this website as I promised myself I wouldn't even go there for temptation sakes but something told me to do so that day and lo and behold there was a sale on!!! It's beyond my control. This is my explanation - please don't judge or organise an intervention. I'm okay. It's all good! Happy stitching stunners!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Returning to the Golden Wood

The end of the rotation for Crimson Glomour and the return to the Golden Wood. This is another HAED chart by Ruth Sanderson. I bought it as a gift for Mrs. Dibble and loved it so much that I bought one for myself too. To make it interesting we are having a competition, whoever finishes first is treated by the other to a fabulous lunch at Doyles on the waterfront. It's kind of a win win situation but it's the principle of it all.

You can see Mrs. Dibble's progress on her blog, she has completed a page and half at this point, as for me weellll I'm not quite so far in. Anything can happen in a week! I'm using 2 strands over one on 22ct white Hardanger fabric and mounted on Q snaps as I'm running out of scroll frames and refused to allow myself to buy another one as I would only be indulging my naughtiness as it's my fault that all my scroll frames already have a cross stitch mounted on them. Anyway Q snaps make the cross stitch portable and I can take it to work to complete on those errr down times!

Everyone believes I will lose because I am an obsessive project starter but I believe that with my rotations I will be on a roll as I won't get bored and more importantly I won't start another cross stitch. Saying this when I first got Golden Wood and began working on it, I also started a Faces of Faery cross stitch but that was before this blogging started and my rotations which I believe has cured me of my evil compulsive ways.

Well that's my theory!

SK Crimson Glomour after one weeks rotation

 I haven't got as much done on Crimson Glomour as I would have liked. I was completing her hair and the confetti stitches involved was so hard going. Almost a new colour every stitch. So parking was required which helped but progress was still slow. I'm hoping next time she is on my rotation I will complete the first page.