Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August WIPocalypse - Part 1

Hi stunners!!!

Sorry for the major hiatus from moi but life in the past month was such that every time I made plans to blog, something else popped up.

But I still managed to stitch so that's all good.

Welcome to my new followers Chelle Newton,Beverly Robinson and Karen Hughes. Thanx for joining me girls and welcome to my journey of cross stitch lunacy.


On my previous post I posted a new chart I received by Jenni DMills who is an Aussie designer who has recently taken the big step of designing full time. 

Jenni was so happy that I mentioned her work that she kindly offered my followers a free fairy pdf chart if they popped over to her blog Tapestry Moon and mentioned that you found out about her through The Crafty Princess.  How sweet and generous is that!!! We've had a few email exchanges and she is really lovely, down to earth and very talented.  Thanx Jenni that is so cool of you!!


A big huge thank you to Kim Howe from Scully's Cross Stitching fame. She is very naughty but so very kind. I was having the worst day at work and just couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. I was walking through the car park and my phone beepity beeped me. So I opened the mail to find I had received a very unexpected surprise - a gift chart!!!

It was exactly the same one I was drooling over during my lunch break, and now thanks to the generosity of Kim, I am the proud owner of Rose Cerise by Karen Middleton. You're so sweet, thanx Kim. You absolutely positively were the rainbow in my life that day. I couldn't wait to get home even more after that so that I could download the chart and drool up close!!

We both own this chart now and we are thinking of doing a SAL of her (but not till the New Year due to all our other stitchy commitments for this year)

Isn't she beautiful, I can't stop admiring her and I so so so can't wait to stitch her!!!

Rose Cerise



 As most of you know Heaven and Earth Designs had a recent 50% off stash enhancement sale. I know you guys know as I've been admiring all the stash everyone's purchased and displayed proudly on their blogs. Great work stunners. So here are my no more charts deal breaker purchases!

Kuik Montage
Kuik Montage - Ching Chou Kuik

I'll be starting this one very soon when I get the fabric on Thursday at the craft show. I've decided to do all the black frame bits first and then fill in the fairies and mermaids in whatever order I feel like. It will be like little windows with the ladies slowly peeking out. Also it won't be so daunting. This is a very very very large chart!!!

House Divided
House Divided - Nene Thomas
I love the cute little owl but what got me was her beautiful dress. I just love it!!

So Many Books So Little Time
So many books so little time - Randal Spangler
This is a stunning companion for "Curl up with a good book" and will go in the library (you know - when it's finished hee hee). We all know about having too much to do with such limited time...perfect!

QS Clara
QS Clara - Hannah Lynn
I love the pink teamed with those beautiful green eyes, plus I love her stable table boobies!!!

Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel - Katarina Koukiotis
This picture absolutely captivates me. I just find it so beguiling.  I can feel her despair when I look at her and it makes me feel so emotional. I just want to put my arms around her and comfort her. I'm not sure whether I will stitch the rainy background, I may just buy fabby that resembles a stormy sky. 

Mia - Myka Jelina
What can I say, she's purply, in pigtails and she looks very naughty but sweet! I just love all the brilliant purples in this chart!

Thanks to the Crafty Pixie I was led to a site called Soda Pattern Mall. The charts are so vibrant and cute and mega cheap. It's a South Korean site and I absolutely love their English translations to some of their chart names. They are just as cute as the charts!! The Crafty Pixie just finished Cafe Love and it looks really cool stitched up. 

Song of the Moonlight

Two Hearts, One Love
Beginning Lover
In the brilliant Days


Okay now I need to justify all the chart purchasing with some actual stitching. Here is what I have been up to in the last month.

New start - Vanity - Nene Thomas
My first sin : Stitched 2 over 1 on 22ct White Hardanger. I am stitching it row by row in it's entirety.  I have completed the first 10 rows and all of page 6, which was just so tiny that it was more of a pain to keep getting it out and stitching 30 stitches and then going back to page 1. So I just got it out of the way and stitched it all. So yay Page Finish!! ha ha.

Golden Wood


Page 1 complete

Faery 2



I have finally developed an awesome rotation. I won't bore you with the details. I've only used it for a week or so but I'm loving the variety and I seem to be progressing so much better. You will be able to see the results in Part 2 August Wipocalypse. 

That's it for me I'm off to the Newcastle Craft Show tomorrow. I will be staying 2 nights in a one bedroom terrace apartment. The show doesn't start till Thursday but I plan on spending Wednesday afternoon on the terrace with a mud pack on my face, a glass of chardonnay, my latest audio book plugged into my earholes and my stitching. Uninterrupted stitching - bliss bomb baby I can hardly wait!!!!

Take care everyone.

Keep up all the amazing work I have seen on all your blogs. You guys inspire me. Thank you!

Lots of luv and kisses

Alicia xo