Monday, 12 January 2015

My Year in Stitches!

Happy New Year Stunners!!!

Hi stunners!

I hope everyone had a good Chrissy and New Year's. I spent most of my time at work which would have been fine if it weren't so busy and I could have stitched more.

For my stitching goals I endeavour to only stick to my 62 wips that I have kitted up and no new starts outside of this until I bring this number down to at least 50. 

I also pledge to finish 4 wips in 2015

These are: QS Fragile Heart - HAED - Hannah Lynn

QS Theatre of the Absurd  - HAED - Ciro Marchetti

Gold Dimensions Petite - Geisha (sorry I thought I had a wip but it's about 3/4 of the way through)


"L" letter - HAED - Selina Fenech 

Here is my work colleague and stitchy friend Mrs. Dibble at our last craft day  in 2014. Mrs. Dibble and friends were about to be a guinea pig for my first attempt at a Triple Choc Cheesecake! And yes that big glass of wine is mine :D !!

2014 Progress on Wip's

Lost in You - HAED - Rachel Marks

Page 2 completed

Guardian Angel - HAED - L.A. Williams

The winner for best effort - Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf - HAED - Aimee Stewart

New Starts for 2014

Carnival Moon - HAED - Aimee Stewart
1 and half pages completed

Lady Hatter - Gecko Rouge - Sandra Vargas

Page 7 completed

 Nancy Goodaim: Space Ranger - Eclectic Blokes Design - Aly Fell
Page 1 completed

World - Tilton Crafts - Julie Heffernan

Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL 2014
*sigh* nothing to see here!

Cuff Killer - Eclectic Blokes Design - Aly Fell

Wip's from Kimlicia SAL

My gorgeous friend Kim decided that since we had 70 plus charts in common it would be cool to pick a chart a month and stitch it together. I picked 6 and Kim picked 6. We started in August and all charts were (of course) new starts.  Here is my progress. Kim's blog can be seen by clicking the link in the left column. 

August - Rose Cerise - HAED - Karen Middleton 

September - Magical World - Tilton Crafts - Igor Morski

October - Girlie Sketch #6 - Colour Cascade Fabrics and Design - Earl Carpenter III

November - Apocalypse Princesses - Paine Free Crafts -Tess Fowler 

December - In her Room - Tilton Crafts - Yuu

Well that was my Year in Stitches! I really thought I accomplished alot more. Sad face :( But at least it fires up my rocket to achieve more this year.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's year in stitches for 2014 posts so far. I still have over 100 blog posts to read though. I have only had 1 full day off since the beginning of the year as work has been crazy and being short staffed I've been called in for overtime almost every rest day. But I have 2 more night shifts and on for the first time this year I will have 4 full days off and I plan to spend it stitching. So hopefully by my next post which will be for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL I will have something to show.

That's all from me stunners.
I will be reading all your blog posts in the next 3 days or so and hopefully will catch up with your progress.

Take care everyone and don't forget to embrace life, Love BIG and when it comes to yourself - only your opinion matters.

Big hugs and kisses
xox Alicia


  1. What a great year you have had. I don't know how you keep track of so many WIPs!! I think you accomplished quite a lot this year, so well done you. Good luck with the goals for 2015 and in catching up with your blog reading.

  2. I think you stitched loads this year! If you added up all the pages or 100 blocks you would have a number of finishes by any other designer!
    Good luck with your 2015 goals.

  3. Oh I'm so looking forward to seeing the progress on Guardian Angel. That one is on my wishlist waiting for the next sale.

  4. For as many WIPs as you keep, I don't know how you manage to get so much done! Good luck with not starting anything's a pretty difficult feat!

  5. Amazing Alicia. You have made fantastic progress on all of them in the past year. It just boggles my mind to think of all those huge projects that your working on. Good luck with your goals.


  6. Great progress! You inspired me to buy and start Magical World. I had to ask Shelley for it since she took it off the site. You have more done on it than me though and it's going to be a while before I pick it up again. Looking forward to your next post!

  7. You have done awesome and with only one day off I would have been banging my head on the wall! Here is to more stitching this year:)

  8. Looks like an amazing amount of gorgeous progress to me!
    I love the idea of stitching on a different chart each month as a SAL with your pal.

  9. Holy potatoes that is a lot of HaEDs, wow. I think that any progress on just one is a ton of progress so you've done amazingly! G'luck on continuing them in 2015. :D

    Also could you please tell me what the fabric is you're using on Space Ranger? It looks divine.

  10. WOW so much WIPs so beautiful! love your work! very neat actually. You have great taste in design!

  11. Oh I just love your projects :D Whenever I think, I should not start new things because I have so many things on the go, I think of you (like "What would Alicia do?") and end up with a new project, haha :D
    I think you picked some good and realistic goals with finishing those 4 WIPs. QS Theatre of the absurd is also on my list and I am very confident that we can do it! (I put in some 600 stitches during the last year, lol....)
    I absolutely love the new starts you made during the last year and I am confident that you will get some tons of progress done on them! ;-)

  12. You've done so much stitching. It's spread out a bit so harder to see as easily as it would be on 1 or 2 projects. I think you've got some reasonable goals, which I hope you are able to meet! I suspect the "no new starts" may fall by the wayside, you do tend to get sucked in by shiny new things!

  13. I just found your site and it has inspired me to finally start parking stitches. Where do you find the fun - and very nice to look at - thread/needle minders?


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