Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hi Stunners!
Welcome to YOTA #5.
I've had a very busy craft month. I just wish it meant more stitching than stashing and organising. But now that is done, I'm good to settle into seriously fun stitching.
I've added another project to my YOTA SAL. I kind of had to otherwise this project kept getting pushed aside and I really want to keep up. Saying that I'm already behind. This is the Passione Ricamo 2014 SAL. We just received the 3rd page today but below is the first page minus the Castle at the top. But that will be done by next YOTA...stop laughing, it will I swear. Plus I will  have the 4th page of Guardian Angel done's not funny!!
PR 2014 SAL
As per my previous blog post I bought a full set of DMC so I had to turn this....
into this.....


It took almost 2 days, and 1 and a third bobbin chests, and a sore wrist, but well worth it as now I won't be wasting money kitting up for every chart. I will just keep replacing them as they get a bit low.
Okay that's it for YOTA and now for the stash enhancement. Just a quick warning for the faint hearted maybe you should pour yourself a glass of wine, or grab a coffee before proceeding...
In my defence, ahem ahem there were just too many awesome sales on.
Shelley Lee of Tilton Crafts and Sarah of Paine Free crafts offered a very generous promotion that if you RAK'd (random act of kindness) a chart for someone they selected a chart from your Wish List and sent it to you for free. There was so much rak'ing going on as cross stitcher's are such a lovely, kind and giving mob that my stash grew quite large.

So here they are...ta da!

These are Tilton charts that were gifts from 3 awesome girls!

Cinderella - gift from Kim H 
Falling in Love - a gift from Kim N
World - a gift from Gwen

Gwen and I are rocking this one out together, our first post will be the 1st June! Woo hoo!! Stay tuned.
I've added a link to their blogs in the captions, these girls are amazing stitchers' as well as just being amazing ladies! Thank you again ladies, I'm truly very grateful. Mwah!

These are the Tilton charts that were gifts from Shelley of Tilton.

Alice ReDo

Gaia (my challenge chart!!)
Music Room
Planets Align II

Happy Halloween
Save the Queen (which I will be changing to Save the Princess - as god knows I need it!)
Gifts from Sarah - Paine Free Crafts
Farewell to Lothlorien

These were gifts from me to The Crafty Princess:
Tilton Crafts
Magical World

Kim H and I are stitching this one together. We started it for the Stitch-a-thon for Sophia and I managed to get half of the first page completed by the end of it. Pics to come next post. Kim recently told me that we have 49 of the same charts. We will be doing SAL's together for 3 lifetimes. Luckily she's a fantastic person and I adore her so this is totally cool with me!! Poor Kim though being stuck with me.   :'(


Alice Vignette

Love thy Thread
Loneliness of Autumn
Heaven and Earth Designs
Dreaming Too
Nikki who is an administrator for HAED requested this chart with me in mind. How sweet is that?? It was the first one I bought during the sale. She knows me so well LOL!! I will stitch her as soon as I finish (or at least get halfway) through Feel the Magic). Thanks again Nikki!

Large World Traveller Bookshelf

Enchantment of the Wolf

Lord Bucket - I love how he still manages to look so regal whilst standing in a bucket. A very difficult thing to pull off!!!

Matilda and Theodore's Secret Place
Whew that's it. I have now reached 330 charts (including my 52 wips).
I have a good mind to just start all of them and to hell with it, but as I already miss ones that don't get worked on for a while, I think this is me being just a little too indulgent!!!
Thank you for stopping by, I promise next post (wipocalypse) will be only stitching pics and no more stash enhancements.
Stop sniggering!!!!!
Take care my beautiful fellow crafters. Have a great month of May and may it only be filled with sunshine and rainbows!
xoxo Alicia