Monday, February 21, 2011

New Start (D'oh) + Progress on Hannah Lynn Swip - Intervention required STAT!

Hi Stunners! Firstly welcome to my new followers! Thanks so much for taking an interest, it's greatly appreciated. I didn't realise that comments were blocked on my blog but I fixed the prob and received all of your fun remarks. Thank you!! I hope I don't scare you away too quickly. LOL!!

Okay I know this blog was started as a means for me to cure or at least curb my addiction of new starts, buutttttt - Heaven and Earth designs keep extending the damn Valentines Day sale end date and now I have found myself to be the proud but ashamed owner of 15 new charts!!! Good GOD. It's not my fault. Myself thought that since I cleaned my bedroom she would reward me with 3 new charts, and you can't return a gift that would be so rude! So thanx to me for the charts. Sigh!

So progress so far for the week

Emerald Forest - almost half page done

Spring to Life by Hannah Lynn (another HAED chart) is an ongoing project. I haven't really included this one in the rotation as I'm completing 2 sets of her. One is a gift for a work colleague's daughter as a present for when she was born (The kid is now 3!!) and the other one is for me. The featured project is my one as I haven't started the gift one yet - I'm so hopeless!!! So I kinda pick her up every now and then when I get bored of the one currently being worked on in the rotation and try and chuck about 500 or so stitches into her. It's 6 pages but only 2 are full ones so hopefully won't be too long.

Page 6 completed

Progress for the week 
The lovely fairy is being completed on 25ct Fairy Forest (how apt) Lugana from Stitches and Spice, using 1 strand over 1 full crosses. It's really fun to stitch as the colours are so vibrant and loving the fabric.

And now (drum roll) for the new start. It's another HAED from Jessica Galbreth's "The Vintage Angel" collection called "Release." It's such a beautiful collection. I had to buy "release" as I'm working through the Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin and it's all about releasing negative feelings and letting go in order to reach a level of peace in your life surrounded by an ocean of love yadda yadda yadda and I thought in my infinite wisdom this would be perfect to remind me to just let go...unfortunately that meant a new start. But I promise to the universe, god and everyone this will be my last start (fingers crossed) until I finish one of my forever seemingly ongoing cross stitches. Honest!

See so pretty. I'm trying out tent stitching for the first time. She's being completed on 28ct White Lugana 2 over 1 tent. So far not so sure how I feel about this method. I've only completed 500 or so stitches so early days. It does of course stitch up much faster but I'm worried about the coverage. What do you think??

Have a great week stunners! Thanks for reading (that's is if you're still reading!) Happy stitching and enjoy every day to the fullest. Mwah xox Alicia