Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL April

Hi Stunners!!!

Sorry for the hiatus from the blog world. I've been on holiday for a month and as my job entails spending 12 hours a shift in front of 4 computer screens, I just had to get away from it all. Now that I've been back at work for a couple weeks I still can't handle staring at screens, man I can't win ha ha. 

To Annie and Els you are no_reply bloggers so unfortunately I couldn't reply to your emails. But thank you both for visiting and for your lovely comments.  And Els in answer to your question the final stitched size on Bookshelf by Gecko Rouge for me will be 44.33 x 28.33 inches (for the Aussies - 110.83 cm x  70.83 cm) as I'm stitching it on 18ct white Aida. Big right!?! It's going to be like a lifesize bookshelf. You guys should see the next Gecko I'm starting in May for the Gold Club, holy guacamole it's overwhelming even for my level of lunacy. 

Anyhoo my lovelies, I have a miracle to share with you! I have managed to achieve that elusive thing (for me anyway) known as a finished and framed cross stitch. Whilst it wasn't a BAP it was an F and it has given me the taste of the greatness of a finish so now I'm more inspired than ever to achieve more of these.

This is a baby sampler for my cousin Hugo who just turned 1 on the 10th of March. I stitched for a whole week until my fingers bled LOL so that it went from: 


to THIS!

I didn't use the kit threads, instead I changed it up and incorporated the new colours DMC have released, well in 2013 but still they are the first new colours DMC have released in 15 years. What have they been doin??? The variegated threads are hand dyed from Fiberlicoius Yummy Fibers. The balls and the flag are stitched in "Princess Alicia". You know you've made it in the cross stitch world when you have hand dyed thread named after you :)  I'm so honoured thank you Nguyen. If you're interested these are the colours I used.

Fiberlicous Yummy Fibers - cotton
Sail of the yacht                      - Vampire Raspberry
Spin thingy the bear is holding - Rio
Clown ruffles and Hat              - Clown - perfect right??
The Unicorn mane                   - Spring Blossoms
Balls, flag and flower (on the box) - Princess Alicia

Hat and top of the Bear 3890 3891 (Light Blue, Med Blue)
Rabbit's clothes - 3892 ( Bright Orange)

Fabric is called "Confetti Hearts" on 14ct Designer printed Aida from the lovely boys at Sew it All.

That's it for me.  I will be back at the end of the month with all my April Achievements. 

Take care my beautiful stunning talented friends. Enjoy the rest of April and hope your needles are smoking and may life be magical.

Off to check out the other GG SaL posts.

Lots of Love 
xo Alicia