Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Extravaganza aka No work and all Stitching!

Hi Stunners!

I know this is weird for me posting so soon after the last post but I found my SD card and as promised just sharing the latest Wip pics before I start my January extravaganza "No work and all Stitching!"

Below is the stitching schedule I have devised to work my way through my 32 Wip rotation. I'm trying to focus on 4 HAED BAPS at a time as I have now upped my stash of them to 60 so trying to get a giddy up on those babies.

Basically to keep me a bit disciplined and on track each element of the schedule must be completed before it starts all over again for 6 lots of the schedule. After 6 turns the rotation piece will change. I think 30 hours for every rotation wip should be sufficient.


1)  2 rows on Vanity

2)  525 stitches on Faery 2

3)  450 stitches on Faery Ball

4)  1 row of 3 pages on Where is my Valentine?

5)  370 stitches or 2 rows on Fragile Heart

6)  2 hours QS Salvatore (new start only when QS Spring to   life is  finished)

7)  2 hours on Golden Wood

8)  4 hours on Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL

9)  500 stitches of the black border on Kuik Montage

10) 4 hours on Rose Cerise SAL with Kim

11) 200 stitches on Spring to Life

12) 5 hours on current Rotation piece

(additionally I will complete one 10x10 grid on QS Theatre of the Absurd HAED freebie SAL daily)

The first chart for the rotation piece is the Golden Kite chart "A Coign of Vantage".

I know this sounds like a lot but trust me I have used a variation of it recently and it's kinda cool as it doesn't give me a chance to get bored of a chart before I have to move on, and then it's a welcome sight when it's time again.

So here is where each Wip has progressed to as of January 8th 2013


Faery 2

Faery Ball

Where is my Valentine?

QS Fragile Heart

Golden Wood

Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL

Kuik Montage (new start)

Rose Cerise - still havent received silk threads from HDF yet for Rose. Fingers crossed they arrive during the extravaganza.

Spring to Life 

A Coign of Vantage

So these are the wips that will be worked on during the extravaganza.
By the way if you read my last post you may recall me mention something about a stash embargo well....BAZINGA!

Just a teeny bit more STASH

HAED just released a new one - Magic Spells and Owls by Annya Kai (damn that sale) and I've been looking for a Halloween one to go with Pumpkin Patch. Aww so cute..

And then just to add a little more lunacy to my cross stitching life I also purchased the HAED version of Tadema's - A Coign of Vantage. So this way I can compare the actual stitched difference between A HAED chart using just solid DMC threads and Golden Kite's version using blended DMC threads...crazy right??? Laughing at myself right now.

A Coign of Vantage

And thennnnnn.......

Kim mentioned Tilton crafts to me and I thought uh huh another website - let it go Princess you have enough at the moment. That restraint lasted a whole 2.5 seconds and once I hit the site..hee hee what's 3 more, right stunners you understand.

An Evening of Romance
Isn't this beautiful. It's just so full of colour and there's just so much going on. Not alot of background so bonus right?? I'll be adding this one to my rotation.

The Edge of Forever
I want to live here in forever forever land. I love the little creature in the bottom left corner with the eye patch.


I loved the mystery of rainfall. What has she done?? I think its an act of passion and she is trying to cleanse herself in the rain. Or at least clean her dagger. While the clouds are dark and thunderous there is alot of colour in them, as well as in the riverbank. So beautiful.

Okay stash embargo now back on!!
Hey stop that grinning and shaking of your head. I so mean it this time...truly...really...oh whatever!

My leave finishes on February 7th so I won't blog until then, I want to show you all my progress in its entirety. But don't worry I will take a break and catch up on all your blogs when I can. I apologise in advance if I miss a few though.

Take care my beautiful and stunning followers and guest stars. Hopefully I will be 10 kilos lighter and well progressed on my wips by my next post.

Love you always,

xoxo Alicia