Thursday, 20 October 2016

October IHSW & Gifted Gorgeousness

Hi Stunners!

Firstly, thank you all for your lovely comments and congrats on clearing out the craft room. I will post pics for those of you that inquired. But an organised craft room does not necessarily mean tidy craft room LOL, well for me anyway. I'm in the process of putting up my Unicorn pics so I will post some pics of my efforts in the next post which will be my October accomplishments. 

Once again I'm going to smoosh the GG and IHSW posts together as they both finished on the 15th October.

I was supposed to have the whole weekend off with nothing planned but stitching. But of course life sees this, and then decides how can I mess this up for her. So due to an unexpected family visit,  I IHSWed on Saturday night and Sunday.

Progress on Supersized Butterfly Ball Max Colours

This is where I was at on the 15th September

This is my progress for Gifted Gorgeousness before the IHSW weekend. Page 1 completed. 
(I actually had another row completed before the weekend but I forgot to take a before photo...sorry)

And I stitched like a demon for 1 day and night to try and get 7350 stitches for the HAED FB challenge #3. I just made it with 40 mins to go. BOOM! So the IHSW was a godsend. Thanks Joysze! 

And here is the chart that we were rewarded with for completing the challenge. I won't be stitching it as I have the full chart in the Supersized and Max Colours version, of which the material pack arrived yesterday - WOO HOO - New start coming soon!!! 

All good though, I didn't stitch like a mad woman for the reward, it was just as rewarding to make it in time. I failed on Challenge #2 so I felt a little redeemed LOL!

Gifted Gorgeousness aka the unlimited kindness of my amazing friends! 

This week I was the happy recipient of 2 craft parcels that were sent by Nina and Sharine. They were totally unexpected and absolutely appreciated. I admit I squealed like a child when I opened them. But then let's face it...right stunners ha ha

This is a gorgeous needle-minder from Charting Creations that the equally if not more gorgeous Sharine sent me.  Lookie it's pink and blingy and I was born in the Year of the Pig. Perfect choice Sharine. Thank you so much!

And Sharine has an uncanny knack for finding the best cards. Isn't he wicked cool? 

Nina sent me rainbow goodies. I love the socks and the eraser for my big mistakes ha ha. You're the best Nina, thank you so much. There was a big swirl lollipop but that is on the inside of my belly now. Yummy :P

And apologies to my friend Kim, I forgot to mention in the July  GG, which was also my birthday gifts expose.. Kim RAKd me another Hatter chart. As you may or may not be aware but I collect Hatter charts. I just love this guy. So this one is "Hatter" from Colour Cascade Designs. Thank you so much Kim you lil sweetheart.

So if you're interested or love the Mad Hatter here is my current collection. 

Kaelyn asked about the cross stitching app that I use. It's called X-Stitch App and I got it from the Playstore. But it's available for apple users as well. 

Here are a few screen shots. It's awesome I love it. Now there will be no more upending the entire craft room to find something as I have marked on the app where they are being stored. 

And can keep track of all my floss stash too. There are a whole heap of floss makers on the app and she keeps adding more all the time. If you have one that's not on the app just let her know and she will add it. 

That's it for me my lovely stitch friends. I hope life is being magical to all of you. I'm off to check out all your blogs now. I have 7 hours and 45 mins left of my nightshift so I should get through them all and if I'm lucky get a bit of stitching in. I have a new start but I will show you that next post.

Love you all. Take care of yourselves

xo Alicia