Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Guardian Angel or something sinister?

Hey Stunners!

I know it's only been 2 days since my last blog, but I had a weird experience last night and as it had to do with cross stitching I thought I would share.

I went to bed around 3am as I was still stuck in nightshift mode and couldn't sleep. I was working on Spring to Life (finished page 5 - YAY!) prior to this and thinking how slow the progress on her was and started to worry that there is a chance I may not see alot of my projects completed.

Page 5 - done and done with a little start on page 2!

So with this thought I lay my head down to sleep. Seconds later I was being fiercely embraced by an unseen being. It was soothing at first but then it became uncomfortable as I couldn't move and I started to fret, then I felt extremely light like I was being lifted but still held firm.

My first thought (and this is how I am a certifiable lunatic) was OMG I'm dead and now I won't get to finish Faces of Faery 88 by the next craft show to show the blokes from the Sewitall store and they will think I lied to them and Mrs. D has won the Golden Wood cross stitch competition and I won't even get to enjoy the seafood lunch as the loser!

So I struggled against what I thought was the Angel of Death - and then the grip got even tighter if that were at all possible.  Next with no words spoken I felt this serene feeling come over me and I was elated as somehow I knew that I was going to finish all my cross stitches. I believe it was my Guardian Angel reassuring me that he was on the job and not to fear leaving UFO's before my timely end. When I was released there was no waking up period. I was awake still.

Sooooooo I got out of bed and headed to HAED and bought 5 more charts!!!!

Guardian Angel-Williams - Click Image to Close
Guardian Angel - L.A Williams
OMG!! It was meant to be. I searched on guardian angel and out of the 4 angels that appeared this just struck a massive chord in me. It was perfect and exactly how I envisoned him. A little scary but strong and protective, with massive wings to either shield you or fly you away from harm.  So beautiful. So this was the first chart I bought as a tribute to my angel.

Next was "The dreamer" by Julie Fain. I searched on dream and out of the 100 over charts this one appealed the most. I always wanted one of her charts but could never decide, but after my experience the choice was easy!

The Dreamer

I haven't bought a Selina Fenech for a while and I remembered I had purchased a chart from her ages ago called "The guardian" so was going to leave it at that but I've had this chart "Winged things" in my WL for ages so decided to buy it. I liked the dragon and the girl theme and that it seemed like a companion to her so decided to keep with the theme and bought it too. Here also is the chart "Guardian" which was one of my earlier purchases from HAED 3 or so years ago. It would seem I have always had this guardian angel wahoo going on! 

Winged Things


The next 2 charts I bought have storm themes. I love love love storms and have alot of stormy charts. I bought these 2 charts because I have always thought that my last day on earth was going to be a stormy one and I mean in the weather sense. LOL! So I have an affinity with storms!  So in light of the theme I had going on I bought these 2 beauties!

Storm Runes
Storm Runes - Nene Thomas

Cello Storm
Cello Storm - Jasmine Becket-Griffith
So there you go. Judge for yourself. I either need to be committed or I had a visit from a ethereal being who took the time to reassure me that it was okay to buy more charts as I am going to be around for a while. However I'm not going to push my luck as my angel didn't mention immortality so therefore I won't be buying anymore charts -- for like ages and ages anyway!

Thanx for reading if you still are and haven't unfollowed me or left in that way people do when they come across a loony - you know the slow backing away and trying to maintain eye contact until it's deemed safe to run away! 

Wishing a happy and safe Easter to you and all your loved ones. Eats lots of chocolate and enjoy the break. I will be working most of Easter but I will be taking my cross stitch in with me so all good!!

Take care stunners
Alicia xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Every Princess loves a sale!

Stitching this week was very slow to say the least. Mostly because of a toothache, apathy and sloth! I managed to get a bit of Spring to life completed thanks to a lovely day spent at Mrs. Dibble's and an overtime nightshift that was quiet and I managed to get a bit in. Of stitching that is, bwah hah hah!

I took this picture in my craft room when the morning sun hit my craft bed and it really brought out the pink in the Fairy forest fabric in the photo. I've only got the flower armband and the rest of her arm to go and it's a page 5 finish.  I want to continue to the final partial page which is page 4 and joins on the left. However, Mrs. Dibble thinks I should complete page 2 next which goes on top so the project will start to look like a block of work rather than a border.

What do you guys think? Mind you page 2 is a full page!


Heaven and Earth designs sale ended today.

I bought 11 more charts which also added 10 more years to my life expectancy. YAY! I was so depressed after the Fragile Heart fiasco and then having all sorts of fabric dyeing problems over the week, I decided there was only one thing that was going to lift my spirits - MORE CHARTS!!!!

So I played it fair and bought 2 or 3 of each kind (except for the biggest charts I bought 4 of them as I couldn't decide between the 2 WALL designs so bought them both. Hey I did mention that I am a lunaticlike Princess!)

For smallish charts I bought:

Faces of Faery 14
Faces of Faery 14 - JBG

Storykeep Rose Adagio
 SK Rose Adagio - Nene Thomas
How cute are the 2 star clips in her hair and those big beautiful sad blue eyes.

I loved this Nene Thomas picture in the full version so was very excited when I came across the SK of it as I have more chance of completing a small chart.

    For quickstitches the winners were:

QS Nina
QS Nina - Hannah Lynn

QS Shimmering Night - Fundraiser for Japan
QS Shimmering Night -Ching Chou Kuik

These are 2 of my favourite artists. I always buy a Hannah in every sale and there is always one in my rotation. Actually there's currently 2 in my rotation! Shimmering Nights was released as a fund raiser for the Japan quake relief. And it's very pretty - a mermaid on the moon with pink hair. It's screaming The Crafty Princess.

Medium charts winners :

Wizards Lab
Wizards Lab - David Penfound

This is my first chart by this artist. So very excited! Plus I decided I need alot more magic in my life. I love all the variety of colours but most of all the open book in the foreground captivated me. I just wanted to read it. So the next best thing was to stitch it. I can't wait to see how Michele charted that particular bit of the chart. 

Forsaken - Adele Lorienne Sessler
Forsaken - I love this chart! It reflected exactly how I was feeling at the time. I have been rather let down by a few friends lately (Not you Mrs. D you're an awesome friend and sister of the thread).  But decided instead of feeling dejected about it I would stitch about it! LOL! Also my first Sessler chart but definitely won't be my last have an eye on "Healing Touch" as well. SIGH

Mystique - Rachel Anderson

How could I not purchase an Anderson chart in a sale. Impossible!

Now for the BAP's!

The first BAP award goes to: -

Winged Companions - Anne Stokes
OMG I so so love dragons.  I like the cutesy Spangler dragons but the real dragons I truly love are the fierce fire-breathing menancing ones like this fine speciemen. To have a dragon companion would be my ultimate dream come true. This is very strange behaviour as usually Dragons and Princesses are foes and not friends.

Past Present Future
Past Present Future - Aimee Stewart

I fell in awe of this chart when I first saw it. Aimee Stewart is a recent addition to the HAED artists and I am so happy for it. Her art is mysterious, ghostly, evocative and dreamy. I love this picture as I'm going through a life transformation and really getting in touch with what this life thing is truly all about. So this chart is perfect. Only problem is I wanna START IT NOW!!!

Princess of Light
Princess of Light - Josephine Wall
I think this one is pretty self explanatory! Princess - Light - Wall - SOLD!

Natures Embrace
Nature's Embrace - J. Wall
This was the other WALL chart that I couldn't decide between Princess of Light. Life's too short - sale ending today - what the hell - buy it now! That's pretty much my thinking behind this one. I've always loved this chart though, I love nature and anything romantic and embracing. It's why I picked "Lost in You" as well by Rachel Marks.

Nothing beats a warm embrace and a sincere kiss!

That's all for this week. I intend to finish page 5 on Spring to life. Will probably make a start on Fragile Heart, but I really need to get stuck into FOF 88 as June is only around the corner and I have yet to complete a page on her, though about 3/4 of the way through page 1 and 2 combined.

Take care everyone especially on the roads. Seems to have been alot of road accidents recently and I want you all to stay safe and injury free so you can keep stitching for a long long long time more.

xoxo Alicia