Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Guardian Angel or something sinister?

Hey Stunners!

I know it's only been 2 days since my last blog, but I had a weird experience last night and as it had to do with cross stitching I thought I would share.

I went to bed around 3am as I was still stuck in nightshift mode and couldn't sleep. I was working on Spring to Life (finished page 5 - YAY!) prior to this and thinking how slow the progress on her was and started to worry that there is a chance I may not see alot of my projects completed.

Page 5 - done and done with a little start on page 2!

So with this thought I lay my head down to sleep. Seconds later I was being fiercely embraced by an unseen being. It was soothing at first but then it became uncomfortable as I couldn't move and I started to fret, then I felt extremely light like I was being lifted but still held firm.

My first thought (and this is how I am a certifiable lunatic) was OMG I'm dead and now I won't get to finish Faces of Faery 88 by the next craft show to show the blokes from the Sewitall store and they will think I lied to them and Mrs. D has won the Golden Wood cross stitch competition and I won't even get to enjoy the seafood lunch as the loser!

So I struggled against what I thought was the Angel of Death - and then the grip got even tighter if that were at all possible.  Next with no words spoken I felt this serene feeling come over me and I was elated as somehow I knew that I was going to finish all my cross stitches. I believe it was my Guardian Angel reassuring me that he was on the job and not to fear leaving UFO's before my timely end. When I was released there was no waking up period. I was awake still.

Sooooooo I got out of bed and headed to HAED and bought 5 more charts!!!!

Guardian Angel-Williams - Click Image to Close
Guardian Angel - L.A Williams
OMG!! It was meant to be. I searched on guardian angel and out of the 4 angels that appeared this just struck a massive chord in me. It was perfect and exactly how I envisoned him. A little scary but strong and protective, with massive wings to either shield you or fly you away from harm.  So beautiful. So this was the first chart I bought as a tribute to my angel.

Next was "The dreamer" by Julie Fain. I searched on dream and out of the 100 over charts this one appealed the most. I always wanted one of her charts but could never decide, but after my experience the choice was easy!

The Dreamer

I haven't bought a Selina Fenech for a while and I remembered I had purchased a chart from her ages ago called "The guardian" so was going to leave it at that but I've had this chart "Winged things" in my WL for ages so decided to buy it. I liked the dragon and the girl theme and that it seemed like a companion to her so decided to keep with the theme and bought it too. Here also is the chart "Guardian" which was one of my earlier purchases from HAED 3 or so years ago. It would seem I have always had this guardian angel wahoo going on! 

Winged Things


The next 2 charts I bought have storm themes. I love love love storms and have alot of stormy charts. I bought these 2 charts because I have always thought that my last day on earth was going to be a stormy one and I mean in the weather sense. LOL! So I have an affinity with storms!  So in light of the theme I had going on I bought these 2 beauties!

Storm Runes
Storm Runes - Nene Thomas

Cello Storm
Cello Storm - Jasmine Becket-Griffith
So there you go. Judge for yourself. I either need to be committed or I had a visit from a ethereal being who took the time to reassure me that it was okay to buy more charts as I am going to be around for a while. However I'm not going to push my luck as my angel didn't mention immortality so therefore I won't be buying anymore charts -- for like ages and ages anyway!

Thanx for reading if you still are and haven't unfollowed me or left in that way people do when they come across a loony - you know the slow backing away and trying to maintain eye contact until it's deemed safe to run away! 

Wishing a happy and safe Easter to you and all your loved ones. Eats lots of chocolate and enjoy the break. I will be working most of Easter but I will be taking my cross stitch in with me so all good!!

Take care stunners
Alicia xo


  1. Sorry, I had to laugh (no offend) :D But I'm really glad you're safe and ok, I've never had an experience anything like that. And a stitcher is a stitcher until the end, always worried about the UFOs and WIPs that left behind ;)

  2. I'm still here and still following! Takes more than a strange experience to scare me away.
    You are totally insane over the number of HAED charts though.
    I have decided I can't depart this world until I have a grand-daughter to pass my stash onto. As even the large boy is only 8 it'll be a while.

  3. That was a little strange - when I posted the last comment the captcha thingie which makes sure I'm a person not some spam becgan with WIP - how appropriate :-)

  4. You are fantastic,really one of a kind. Anyway, You certainly owe it to your guardian, if he told you that you will live long enough to finish all your cross stitch. Beautiful charts, princess.

  5. Awww thanx stunners for sticking with me. Nina don't worry my mum is still laughing since I've told her and you would think she would be used to me by now.

    Jo that is freaky, see it's the universe and all that is unseen that supports us creative souls. I did a tally and I think I only need to live till about 75 if I do some stitching everyday! Not bad.

    Thanx Anojaa we have such similar tastes. I love all your charts and we share some stashes. Happy stitching my sisters of the thread xo Alicia

  6. Wow, quite the experience! Beautiful choices for all the recent chart purchases, I love them all!

  7. Thanx Thea. I love them too, as you know it's killing me not to start them all. I have bought the thread and ordered the fabric for Guardian Angel. I can't not start him it would almost be rude! Take care and good luck with all your beautiful projects, especially faerie melody. I love love her!
    Alicia xo

  8. Very nice chart choices. I can't wait see a start on guardian angel

  9. Thanx Sharine I've ordered the fabric and bought all the thread. As soon as my sparkly fabbie arrives I'll be starting him. I'll post often on my progress to share with everyone. xo Alicia

  10. Congratulations for your purchases, princess! They are all beautiful and fantastic! Nice to know you! Well, your experience frightened me though, because I'm now realized that I should really take care about my UFOs and my current WIP(s) better than before!

  11. first of all i stumbled on your blog from the haed BB, and i loved your post ( hence the follow lol) completely believe in guardian angels and i love your first chart, my angel seems to be hard of hearing as i said i would love to have a clear out of all my things and wouldnt it be nice to have a fresh start in a new house, 3 days later house burnt down. 2 years later i said i would love to live near my mum, 3 days later we got a letter saying we had to leave house as landlord was knocking houses down. Now i live near my mum, think i will be careful what i say next lol

  12. Thanks again Crafty Princess for your blog and for inspiring me to start on my BAP. I love it and hope I live the next 50 years or so to complete just 1...not the 100 or so that you have to complete lol xxx

  13. Hey Bev and Lita welcome to my blog and thanx for following. A. Nene you're so very welcome. I love the way your eyes light up everytime you do a stitch. Welcome to my world and by the way last count was 159 cross stitches and Blair's baby sampler will take me to a nice rounded 160!!
    LOL xo

  14. Lovely your HAED wip, and am very envious of all the new charts you got in the last sale!

  15. Hi Princess! I hope you are ok since yoiur last post! Have not seen you around for awhile! Hope all is well!

  16. LOL, I've been on the receiving end of that before, as I'm more than a little weird, lol. I'm new to you, so let me introduce myself. I'm Julie and I live in Cincinnati, OH with my cat, Yes Dear. I love HAEDs, and have over eleven hundred on my wish list. I found you through the HAED blog you're a member of. Can't wait to see more of your stitching!!

  17. Excuse me Miss Crafty Princess..but word has it you have added an extra few cross stitches to your collection...can you please put up some pictures so we can all admire them....!!!! xxx

  18. Thanx Lisa! And thanx for following my blog and taking the time to comment. Very nice of you. I love them too so hard not to start them. Welcome to my blog. Thanx so much for taking the time to drop by and following. WOW 1100 on your WL I managed to clear out my WL since the 50% off sale but now am the proud owner of 168 cross stitches, with 34 HAED BAP's which will take me at least 40 years to complete. LOL!


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