Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wipocalypse #10

Hi Stunners!

This is getting to be a bad habit of mine, being such a bad blogger.  Sorry but it's going to be a little big this post, but I promise it's mostly pics and not a lot of my stuff and nonsense rambling.

I guess first up should be the Wipocalypse wip so here is my progress on Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf - HAED

Just over half a page progress. I blame the new Jason Statham Needle Minder for not quite getting the page finish. There were way too many ogling stops, but that stern look gets me back on track pretty quickly now.

Monthly SAL with KIM

For My August SAL with Kim, I decided to restart Rose Cerise, the 2 over 2 on 28ct was not working for me. The stitches looked too big and I found it hard doing over 2 on a chart that was not the traditional HAED shape. The counting did my head in and I made a few counting errors as a consequence, which led to...urgh frogging! Now she is being worked 1 over 1 on 28ct Swallow even weave from the lovely boys at Sew it all Australia.

Rose Cerise - August 2014 SAL

For the September SAL we worked on Magical World from Tilton Crafts. I was happy enough with my progress though I would have loved to have achieved a page finish.

My focus wip for August had been "Lost In You". I managed to get a page finish which satisfies one of my Goals for the HAED BB. Only 4 more to go!

There's her thumb in the lower right corner. The next page has alot and I mean alot of white for her hand and lower arm. So it will be time to don those white cotton gloves! 


I'm always humbled by the generosity of all the beautiful crafty people that I am honoured to know. I just want to sing out another thank you to these ladies that gifted me these charts for no occasion. Thank you so much girls I am so grateful and appreciate these lovelies!

A Night of Enchantment from the stunning Downunder Julie

Sharine the gorgeous girl from  Charbella Stitching chose Castle Fest Wendalin Aotenshi

The magnificient lady from Pull the other thread gifted me with the beautiful Peacock my Love
Mini Peacock My Love

The lovely Helvi chose the gorgeous mystical chart Le Petit

and the fabulous Nguyen of Spices of your of Life sent Wishing on Stars. Which will be my Tilton Crafts new start which Kim has organised in the FB group.

Wishing on Stars (Garbis)

and the naughty little minx also sent me the Lovely Lady Macbeth from Eclectic Blokes Designs.

I want to start them allllll! Do these girls know my taste or what? Thank you so much ladies, you are the stars!

A quick aside, Helvi has recently started "The Key" by Melissa Dawn (HAED) if you get a chance pop over to the site and check it out. It's a magnificent chart and Helvi is one of those crazy stitchers that only works one project at a time!!!!! I know right, weird! So Helvi progresses really quickly through her wip and so far it's absolutely beautiful.

On a bit of a sadder note my big sister has been struggling with some womanly issues and has just been advised by her Gyno she will not be able to have her own children. As you can imagine she is devastated. I feel so helpless and so sorry for her.
So I am stitching this chart for Gail (sis) it's called Rose Zircon - October birthstone by Maxine Gadd and the chart is from Mystic Stitch.  And yes as you have probably guessed she's an October baby. The fabric is an ice dye from Colour Cascade fabrics. It's a bit of a lucky dip as you choose up the colours and Tammy dyes it. I think it turned out perfectly for this chart. I chose hot pink, grey, and lilac. I will be stitching all the black background so I think it will really pop on this fabby. Yes? No?

Okay that's all from me stunners. I'm off to start working on Rose Zircon. I'm almost caught up with reading all your blogs, I have about 20 posts to go. So please bear with me. Take care stunners and may only the magical encounter your life.

xoxo Alicia