Friday, November 11, 2011

Suggestion box is open!

Hello my beautiful stunning followers and guest stars!
A big welcome to Rachel, Elisa and Titti my newest followers. Thank you for the honour of your company.

To stitchy biz - I need some help please please please!

It's my anniversary. The anniversary of being ME! So to celebrate the awesome achievement of being married, we gave each other a gift. I gave Me the beautiful Rachel Anderson's chart "Ruby" (technically not a Ruby anniversary) and uncanningly Me figured that I would also love a HAED chart for a pressie and bought I "Faery 2" as a gift.

But the dilemma is I has White 22ct opalescent (ooh bling) fabric big enough to take on this chart but I was thinking would it look cooler on a blue bling fabric.

So the question is...Should I dye the white blingy fabric some kinda blue or green or another colour. Also thinking of maybe a more vibrant orangy colour to set off her fiery hair!!

Or should I just leave as is and stitch on the white bling 22ct fabric??

Help me beautiful and talented stitchers. You're my only hope as Obi Wan had no idea!!@!!

Here is the chart I am referring to...isn't it beautiful???

Faery 2 - Click Image to Close
 Thanx stunners
Will post wips and progress in a day or so, just needed help on this question so blogged early!
xoxo Alicia