Friday, November 11, 2011

Suggestion box is open!

Hello my beautiful stunning followers and guest stars!
A big welcome to Rachel, Elisa and Titti my newest followers. Thank you for the honour of your company.

To stitchy biz - I need some help please please please!

It's my anniversary. The anniversary of being ME! So to celebrate the awesome achievement of being married, we gave each other a gift. I gave Me the beautiful Rachel Anderson's chart "Ruby" (technically not a Ruby anniversary) and uncanningly Me figured that I would also love a HAED chart for a pressie and bought I "Faery 2" as a gift.

But the dilemma is I has White 22ct opalescent (ooh bling) fabric big enough to take on this chart but I was thinking would it look cooler on a blue bling fabric.

So the question is...Should I dye the white blingy fabric some kinda blue or green or another colour. Also thinking of maybe a more vibrant orangy colour to set off her fiery hair!!

Or should I just leave as is and stitch on the white bling 22ct fabric??

Help me beautiful and talented stitchers. You're my only hope as Obi Wan had no idea!!@!!

Here is the chart I am referring to...isn't it beautiful???

Faery 2 - Click Image to Close
 Thanx stunners
Will post wips and progress in a day or so, just needed help on this question so blogged early!
xoxo Alicia


  1. I would dye the fabric a nice blue - the orange might show through too much.
    It is a gorgeous design - I look forward to seeing your progress on it.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxoxo

  2. i agree go blue girl!! and happy anniversary, what a good idea about treating yourself i think i need to do that since i got bugger all for my birthday from hubby that i wanted

  3. You're stitching 2 over 1 on 22ct, yes? I don't think the material would peek through at all.... so even if you dye the fabbie, it'd all be covered up. That said.... you'll see a pretty blue when you're stitching.

    I'm no help, am I? LOL!!

    Happy Anniversary!! :D

  4. Love the piece you choose! I always stitch my HAED´s on a white 28ct. I just don´t see the point in using a dyed fabric since once you´ve finish it the fabric is all covered.
    Can´t wait to see your progress :)
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. STUNNING pattern. I agree that I think the fabric would look all covered up. But I would also be worried that if I dyed it, it might bleed through onto my threads somehow and I wouldn't want to risk that.

  6. She's stunning (and in my stash too, waiting for her turn someday). I'd stick with the white fabric, as Ewa said, I'd be too nervous about bleeding (but I always wash my projects in the end). But it's up to you and whatever you decide, she'll be a stunner. Really looking forward to your start!! :)

  7. I agree with those you said to leave the fabric white. Once it is done, most people frame it so that the fabric is covered up. Also, I find (for me personally) that it is sometimes hard to stitch on the same color (i.e. blue on blue or white on white). The pattern has a lot of blue and not as much white.
    Either way, this is a gorgeous pattern!

  8. Yesyes, so beautiful! I say: don't waste time dying, start stitching and show us pictures!

  9. Absolutely stunning chart it always amazes me that no matter how long I spend looking at the HAED website charts always appear that I've never seen before x

  10. Wow Thanx stunners for the feedback. Ok so the leave it white seems to be the winning vote! Which I will do as I asked for your opinion so the only honourable thing to do is to take your advice. And Joysze yes you are no help but you are so funny and your comments always make me laugh, which is awesome and always welcome. I think I did this to you on the Aragorn or Legolas question...ooh big fence sitter! LOL!
    As soon as the fabby arrives I will begin. I have a plan to have this BAP finished in 8 months. It will be another lunatic experiment of mine..but if it works I may be onto something. Stay tuned beautiful people! xoxox


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