Friday, April 25, 2014

Wipocalypse and IHSW #4

Hi Stunners!!

Sorry for the lateness (again) but I have lots of pics so I hope that makes it up to you!







Here is my new start "Lady Hatter" from Gecko Rouge. This is page 6 completed. I really love working on her, it's a very relaxing project with just enough confetti for detail but not so much that it drives you crazy. She is being worked on 18ct white Aida 2 over 1 full crosses.

I always forget to answer Measi's questions for the Wipocalypse. So I thought I would combine March and April's questions as they are kind of related in my case. 

March: Show us your favourite places to stitch.
My favourite place to stitch is in my Craft Room! It's nice and bright and as it faces north it gets the sun all day long. 

Here is my Rachel Anderson wall which helps keep me inspired and in a magical and creative mood.

The opposite wall has my Jasmine Becket-Griffith poster print and my 40" TV. Which I totally could not live without. Plus some random painting. I was watching Dr Who at the time of this pic and David Tennant is my favourite Dr. 

This is my "love" section. It's some of the gifts, cards and lil trinkets that my friends and family have given me. Plus my fairy calendar with all my important craft dates. So I always know how late I am with my updates at a glance.

And here is where the magic happens! Laugh.

I love my large chart holder. It allows me to attach all my fav magnets, needles, winning lottery tickets, girly tweezers, needle minders, threaders and have just enough space left over for the chart page that I'm currently working on.

My craft bed for wee naps when I get a little weary from all the stitching. That's my new chair, it's called The Bathurst Racer. So so comfortable and I love that it's red as it gives me a sense of speed to help me get through my ever growing stash!

April: How do you keep your stash organised?

Each project has it's own bag which contains a floss box with the chart pic on the front and all threads wound onto plastic bobbins, a re-seal-able plastic bag containing the skeins of colours that needed multiples, fabric, and a plastic folder containing the chart. I love storing the chart in a plastic sleeved folder because it's really cool to be able to just flip ahead and see what I have to look forward to without ruining the pages from too much handling.  I also try and match the box and folder to the main colour of the chart. 

All the charts that are in my focus rotation are stored in the bookshelf near my desk for easy access. Along with my fav DVD's (which I watch over and over again) and the Xbox games that I'm playing. 

My other wips are stored in 2 large nylon barrels - one is a HAED barrel but as the new starts kept increasing they kinda spilled over into the other barrel.

 The 2 plastic bags on top of my wooden bobbin chest is the full range of DMC threads (including the 16 new colours) which I ordered from 123 stitch. I intend to just work from this bobbin chest and not kit up each chart individually. I will only buy threads that need multiple quantities and put them on the bobbin ring to keep with each project. I have 16 new starts planned and as you can see those poor barrels are full to bursting, so storage has become an issue, something had to be done. I'm hoping this solves some of my storage dramas.

The only danger of having a full set of threads to work from is that it makes new starts a little too easy and for an new start addict like me, it could get feral. 

That's all from this Princess. Thank you for visting!

To those stitchers that are involved in the stitch-a-thon for Sophia, I'm looking forward to playing with you all over the next week. 

Take care stunners and I will see you for YOTA!

Alicia xo