Thursday, 31 October 2019

Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop

Hello my mischievous minxes! Welcome to my Deadly Den and join in this years 2019 Halloween Blog Hop! 

Our spooktacular leader is the fearles Jo from Serenditious Stitching where she has all the ingredients for this lethal spell!


For my Halloween wip I am working on Ghosts in the Forest by Charting Creations. My coven made up of 3 wicked witches from Down Under are working on this together. The other 2 hags are stitching across the chart and I am working downwards. 



As you can see my witch sisters are flying ahead on this one.  And this is my Halloween purchase this year, Dark Unicorn from Thread Geeks design. 

And now for my letter:

To continue on this homicidal journey please climb onto your broomsticks and fly to    to get your next letter.

Have fun my crafty demon children and enjoy your Halloween night!

Until next year, have a murderous and bloody time.

xo Alicia


  1. Lovely work on your Ghosts, I really like that you are stitching down while your friends work across, this way you will see different sections of the chart (we all know how long it takes to finish such a project and see all the details stitched ;-) )
    Happy Halloween to you =)
    As for your empty bowl... I thought about handing out potatoes this year, they are vegan, sugar free, plastic free and I can manage to get them regional and organic as well ;-)

  2. What, no candy?!? I enjoyed seeing your stitching, though. Happy Halloween!

  3. Nice to see all the progress you all made on this amazing chart. Thanks for the letter! Joyeux Halloween ! xxx

  4. That is gorgeous! And so cool that you're all working on it together. I've just started using Pattern Keeper (android) for my full coverage, it's so much easier on my brain. Happy Halloween!

  5. Thanks for taking part in the Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop this year.
    Somthing very spooky happened, when I clicked on the title of this post to copy and paste the link to my blog - it took me to LAST year's post which I duly read, was about to comment when I saw I already had done so! Then I realised it was 2018's post. How bizarre.
    On the plus side I can now see how much of Ghosts In The Forest you have actually done since last year. Great progress!

  6. Gorgeous design, it's going to be amazing - thanks for the letter

  7. Good to see a post from you. I'm hoping you're saving up lots of exciting stitching to show everyone in a year-end round up. :)

  8. Thank you for the letter, Happy Halloween 🦇

  9. I'm haunting my way through collecting letters. Wow what a piece! How fun how they are all different. Love the unicorn piece. Thanks for the letter.

  10. Gorgeous WIP you and your coven are stitching. Love the new Halloween design you purchased!

  11. I like seeing the different ways you are stitching the Ghost piece with your friends, that's going to look amazing. Your new design is stunning too,

  12. Great stitching and I love your new purchase! Thanks for the letter.

  13. Wow that is an epic piece! Thank you for the letter x

  14. Wow, such a difficult pattern. AriadnefromGreece!

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