Sunday, 4 August 2019

July Jaunts!

Hi Stunners!

I've fallen in love with cross stitching again, and it helped that I found time to actually do it. 

I almost had a page finish with Ghosts so very happy about that.

The exciting bit is that the lighter blue wisp down the right hand corner is the appearance of my first Ghost!! I will definitely finish this page in August. 

I have really gotten into diagonal stitching. And I had to re-start "Lost In You" by Rachel Marks as unfortunately the original was damaged and stained. I have tried every kind of fabric cleaner and the white floss (which is alot) has been yellowed. So sadly I had to re-start it. But as I'm doing it diagonal across the whole chart I won't be technically re-stitching parts that I have already done any time soon.

This is where I got on the first one, 

And here is my re-start. I'm also now stitching on 18 count white Aida and the first one is stitched on 22ct. 

So I will be finishing the female elf first as the diagonal progresses. 

I decided to have a work project as so many stitcher's seem to get a lot done on their work wips. So I chose "Lady Butterfly" by Alessandro Della Pietra. I am a Crystal Club member with Paine Free crafts and this kit was one of my club choices.  

It's perfect for work as it's being stitched on 18ct Magic guide fabric and the chart you receive with the kit is printed out in a very large format so no need for any magnifying lamps. This is what I have achieved so far. I've converted it into another diagonal stitched piece to keep it simple but will only be doing it page by page and not across the whole chart. Only reason being is that it's mounted on a Stitch Ezi Frame and it's difficult to have to keep moving the fabric in the hoop. 

It's great to have a work project that I love stitching as it motivates me to actually GO to work. And if I get stuck on a channel with someone that I don't really like, well then it's head down and I cross stitch like mad. Pretty cool right?

That's all for now. I will be back for the GG SAL as I am working on Mini Sisters which is a gift for my sister. So hoping to have something worthwhile to show.

Take care everyone. May life be magical to you always. And thank you for stopping by. 



  1. Awesome progress on your beautiful projects Alicia.


  2. Great progress for the month but a big boo for your yellowing causing you to have to restart Lost In You. Hopefully all your other WIPs are safely out of harm's way. :)

  3. Great to see you have found your love for stitching again! You are making great progress an each piece as well.

    Is diagonal stitching just stitching the chart diagonally rather than row by row?

  4. Beautiful progress! I haven't tried the diagonal stitching yet.

  5. Lovely work on your projects, I am so glad to hear that your stitchy bug is back =) Lost in you is a great design, I am sorry to hear that your original wip got strained, but I am glad that you restarted it =)

  6. Great progress on everything, especially the ghosts. How cool that you have a job you can stitch on :)

  7. Wow, great progress on everything! Sorry you had to restart one, but I like the diagonal stitching. Your love of cross stitch is definitely showing!

  8. Nice progress and great to see you stitching again. I like the diagonal stitching style as it must reduce lines. When I went back to the centre of my Discworld Mappe there are some horrible ridges where I stopped stitching. Luckily they will be covered by backstitched mountains!

  9. Thanks for this. I really like what you've posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog and thanks for sharing. Cute Monkey Painting

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