Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#1 Wipocalypse & IHSW

Hi Stunners!

I'm loving these SAL's as it's encouraging me to blog more. Saying that I'm being a tad lazy and combining the Wipocalypse and IHSW as they were so close together.


My Wipocalypse projects for 2014 are HAED Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf (large chart format)  and Golden Kites The Arrival of the Guests, Venice. These 2 charts are my biggest babies so they will need a little more attention than my other kids. Treasure has 160 pages and Venice has a whopping 189 pages. My goal is to complete 2 pages of one chart and one page of the other during each month. But I'm implementing the Pirate code on this, so it's more of a guideline than a rule.

January Wipocalypse I focused on Treasure Hunt Bookshelf

Progress as of December 31 2013

Full Moon - January 16 2014
Almost a 2nd page finish! I will be working on Venice this week so I will be able to show some progress next Wipocalypse.


For this SAL I will be working on QS Theatre of the Absurd which was HAED's freebie SAL from last year.


After the IHSW
He's almost got his pants on now, woo hoo!


As promised here is the total amount of progress from last year. I don't know if I can actually title this "achievements" per se as it's pretty dismal. I spent hours creating rotations and organising my stitching time however, I found that I'm such a rule breaker that I couldn't stick to them even though I was the one that created them. Such a rebel huh?

This year is different as I have dispensed with any rules, rotations and all that. Instead I just pick up what I feel like, when I feel like and will see how this goes! Can't be any worse than last year. See for yourself!

New Starts
Feel the Magic - HAED - Page 1 completed

Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf - HAED 

QS Theatre of the Absurd

Spiders Queen - HAED - Page 1 completed

An Evening of Romance - Tilton Crafts 

The Arrival of Guests, Venice - Golden Kite

A Coign of Vantage - HAED

Faery Ball - HAED

Vampire Red - Mystic Stitch

Rose Cerise - HAED 

Progress on Wip's


Faery 2

Purple Orchid

Passione Ricamo Faery SAL 2012-2013

A Coign of Vantage (Golden Kite version)

Guardian Angel

Where is My Valentine?

Golden Wood

Fragile Heart

Lost in You


I hope everyone had a successful first Wipocalypse and IHSW.
Take care stunners

Live in the moment and keep singing!

Alicia xox