Monday, 7 February 2011

Going to the Forest and not the Wood

Page 1 completed
Well this is what I have accomplished on my "Valentine" rotation.
It kinda dragged over 2 weeks as I had a swing shift in the middle of my days off and it really throws your energy and body clock around. So instead of only getting 2 days on another project I just continued with her.  I managed to complete page 1 (yay - take celebratory sip of charddy) and a column and a bit of page 2. A bit excited as I've actually made a start on her, that's the top of her pigtail on the bottom right. Awesome!

Fragile Heart
This week is the Heaven and Earth designs freebie SAL (stitch a long) finishing on Friday morning. So I have been working on "Fragile Heart" a Hannah Lynn design.  I need to complete at least one row per day to finish the page. It's a really cool idea. Sign up on the HAED bb was end of last year. They send you the stash chart first and then on the 1st January 2011 the SAL began and page one only was emailed to you. We receive one page every 2 months. The entire chart is 6 pages so with this one hopefully everyone that joined in will have a completed cross stitch by the end of the year. The next page is due in March so I want to get her finished this week and then I don't have to worry about her for a while. There were 183 participants and 7 different charts to choose from. All you have to do is post a few Wips (works in progress) on the bb and you will qualify to have all 7 charts emailed to you for free, even if you don't finish you're chosen design. How good is that???

I was supposed to start Golden Wood this week but unfortunately those lovely ladies in the wood have been bumped yet again to the next rotation. Reason being is that I am very far behind Mrs. Dibble in the competition to finish Golden Wood. So wanted to work on them when I only had to concentrate on them and not on Fragile Heart as well.

So this week will be working on Emerald Forest as I am up to "Other" category on my rotation list. Other is pretty much made up of charts that are not Mystic stitches, Heaven and Earth designs or other BAP's (big ass projects).  So all my Mirabilia's, Passione Ricamo's, Dimensions etc etc charts come under this rotation. 

Emerald Forest is design by Collin Bogle. It's being completed on 14ct Khaki Aida 3 over 1 full crosses. This was purchased by my ex boyfriend back in mid 2009 as he loved it upon sight, but of course I was meant to stitch it. Well in the redistribution of property during the break up. I forgot all about it and so it's still in my possession.  I was going to give it away to someone else to do but as I had already started it when we were together and recall how much I actually enjoyed stitching it. I've decided to keep it. Besides there is no hard feelings between us, but when finished I think I may give it away as a gift to someone else. Or keep it as I would like to have an African animals collection...sigh...someday!

Well that's all for now. I've just started a month's leave so hopefully this blog will get updated more often and that I will have a hellava lot to show.

Take care my sisters and brothers of the thread
Happy stitching
xox Alicia