Monday, November 15, 2010

Crimson Glomour

Crimson Glomour

This week I am working on Crimson Glomour storykeep. The artwork is by Ching Chou Kuik and I purchased this from the Heaven and Earth website, I started it around August 2010. Since then I haven't picked it up again as I was busy starting other projects (hang head in shame). This is the first cross stitch I have commenced using 25ct Lugana using one strand over one. I wanted to test the coverage of this before I embarked on the bigger HAED charts. This is my progress so far and I will post a picture at the end of the week.

Getting started.

Hey there welcome to my blog. I was inspired to set up a blog page showing my progress in all my cross stitches and other craft work by another blogger The Crafty Writer. It was so cool to watch her progress on all her projects especially when she completed them. So I know that it is actually possible to finish these projects.

I have currently 15 cross stitches in progress as I am an obsessive compulsive project starter. I won't even mention how many projects I have in my stash. I will just say that I need to live for another 300 years to complete every project I have bought.

Due to my condition I rarely finish anything I start. So this blog has been started up to try and assist my compulsiveness of starting and never finishing my craft works. If I force myself to record and keep to a rotation each week then I will be compelled to continue working on current cross stitches and not just keep buying and starting new ones. We will see how well this goes.

I have configured a rotation consisting of 6 weeks. Each week I will work on a cross stitch according to their size and designer. These are Heaven and Earth designs charts consisting of 4 pages or less, Large Heaven and Earth design chart, Scarlet Quince or Golden Kite chart, Other (which are kits or charts bought randomly from other designers), Heaven and Earth Design quick stitch and finally a chart from Mystic Stitch. This way I feel that I won't get bored of one project and find myself starting a new one. Hopefully this will cure me of my evil ways.