Sunday, November 26, 2017

IHSW November SAL

Hi Stunners!

I'm still here, sorry for the long hiatus. I've had a busy few months with work, overseas holiday and a cargo load of family flying down under for our Nan's birthday. But I have been stitching.

IHSW is back in action - yay!! Joyse and Jo are running it through Facebook but I will post here as well.

I was on nightshift during the weekend but luckily I am allowed to stitch whilst at work when it gets quiet. So I got a bit done.

First up is Gecko Rouge Halloween SAL. I had a bit of frogging and I (gulp) made a hole in the fabric. But it's easily fixed so I'm not freaking out...yet!



At home I worked on Snow White also a Gecko Rouge Design by Omri Koresh. It's been recently retired so I'm glad I bought it when I did. Now this is my kind of fairytale!!

This wasn't my actual start point for IHSW I had a bit more done, but this is where I started at the start of the month.


For most of August and September I was working hard on HAED - Lost in You. I managed to get 2 full page finishes. So I'm really happy with this ones progress.

One more full page and a teeny tiny partial and it's a row finish. Which will be the first HAED BAP that I will have managed to accomplish this, you know when I do. 

Thanks for visiting stunners. I've got a lot more time for stitching now so hopefully I will have more to show for it.

Take care and may life be magical for you all.