Thursday, March 29, 2012

A very belated IHSW and very big Thank You!

Hi there stunners!

A big welcome to my new followers Megan B, Miamina, Julie C, Linda, Terri P and Milly M. Thank you so much for joining me on this awesome journey I have undertaken in the world of craft and cross stitch!


I apologise for the lateness of my posting for IHSW! But as usual when I have a weekend at home planned to sit and stitch there is always a last minute rescheduling. But luckily it was a good one! I only had 4 days left on my month long holiday (sabatical LOL) left so I decided to head up to the coast to Fingal Bay, Port Stephens to wring every drop out of my time off from work.

So with stitching and bags packed I headed to the coast on Sunday and didn't get back to late  Wednesday night and was back at work at 0630 the next morning...tired tired Princess! But it was great to see everyone again and give out the little gifties that I accumulated along the journey.

But unfortunately this is the first chance I've had to blog.

This was what I managed to accomplish on the beach at Fingal Bay.
She's called "I found my family in a book!" She is one of many of the Gorjuss series by Bothy Threads. I have 3 more which I'm really chuffed about as they are so so easy and fun to stitch.

I technically made my IHSW Sunday and Monday. So between dips in the ocean, gulping down oysters and sipping chardonnay on the sand ( or was it sipping oysters and gulping chardonnay??? ) I managed to get all the stitching on the girl completed. Still to come is the backstitch, a teeny bit of beading and the book and scissors that are scattered at her feet. She's got alot of sparkly bits but as you all know these just don't show up in the pics even though I took it in the bright morning sun! I will get a chance in the next few nights to check out everyone else's shennaningans on the IHSW - looking forward to it stunners!


A great big thank you to Nicola Maltby of Obsessive Cross Stitcher fame for her kind gift of a chart from Heaven and Earth Designs.

Nic bought me the full version of Sunflower Cottage by Dona Gelsinger

Isn't it beautiful??? I can't wait to stitch it and it's going in the rotation as soon as I finish one of my current 5 BAP's that I'm working on. So not long now (Hee hee)!

However due to some weird computery glitchy wahoo the email sent from Nic via HAED website got lost in the nethers of cyber space so in the meantime I had already purchased this same chart in the sale (along with another BAP! I know I know!!!) Michele Sayetta generously offered to send me a replacement chart so I picked Water Faery by Nadia Strelkina

Water Faery

She will be the sister to Faery 2 which is a current wip. So a very lucky and blessed Princess to have such a generous and thoughtful friend like Nic. I think most of you are followers on her blog if not check it out. We are true sisters of colour, Nic loves vibrant projects too and like me her stash and Wips are numerous!!!! It's a brilliant blog. 

So now I'm back to work tonight and kinda glad of it too as I can relax and go back to my normal cross stitch rotations. Holidays are fun but I travelled to 3 states in the month and it was a bit hectic although loads of fun. The ole cross stitch did suffer a bit but all good now.

Thanx for reading this far and I will be posting soon re the Leibster awards as I was truly blessed and genuinely humbled to receive 6 awards from other bloggers. I am going through all my blogs trying to catch up with everyone. I'm working one single nightshift tonight so will post again tomorrow night. I just don't want the awesome girls with brilliant taste (hee hee) who nominated me to think I have neglected to thank and honour them too. I just want to do it when I have time to sit and do it properly.

Stay tuned my pretties!

Love you stunners
Alicia xox