Sunday, July 17, 2011

My winning Chart!

Hi stunners,

Welcome Shelleen - thanx for joining the madness!

Just a quick update for you my beautiful and gorgeous followers!  I finally picked the chart that I won for participating in the Fairy Day 2 week HAED SAL!


QS Black Rose Immortal - Click Image to Close 
It's QS Black Rose Immortal by Rebecca Sinz. 
Mock up of her!

I wanted to choose another fairy in honour of it being fairy magic that won this comp for me in the first place. Not sure if the girl is a fairy or maybe an elf but she's immortal and that's what I need to become to finish my growing stash! Man I think sometimes they multiply in the night.

I was so excited when I won that I told Mrs.Dibble and Aunty Nene as soon as I saw them later that night at work. But my mum takes my breath away with the comment of the day! I showed her the chart  and she says "She's lovely darling, she reminds me of you - she's got tits just like yours!" Oh bless her my mum. As lovely as the Black Rose boobies are I would rather have her immortality!

I will be starting her next Friday for the HAED themed SAL - the theme is NEW START! Yay but I have vowed I won't enter if I don't have FOF88 completed first. I'm going to spend all day today working on her and hopefully she will be done! Which would be really cool then I would have accomplished not only my first HAED finish but also one of my official half yearly goals. Double YAY!

I also realised that I did a miscount on my tally of my stash, as I forgot a whole load of Mystic Stitches that I had kept in another folder in the back of my closet. So will go through them again tomorrow. I just really need to know how long I need to live so I can inform my Guardian Angel. He needs to know how hard he has to work to keep me alive! Poor bastard he really drew the short straw getting my sorry ass to take care of. Bless him poor petal! His project is one of my top priorities and will hopefully be my first completed medium size HAED project.

Just a quick post today stunners - I hope to post a finished Faery in a couple of days.

Love you and take care
xoxo Alicia