Sunday, April 6, 2014

March Mayhem

Hi stunners!

Well it's been an exhausting March and I'm very happy to see the end of it! I've had to drive 5000 kilometres to avoid fringe benefits tax on my leased motor vehicle. Now I love going for drives, but after 6 hours it can be a tad tiring. Anyway it's all done now but unfortunately as my days off was spent driving and doing other boring life necessities it left me very little time to stitch. I really really missed it. So this post is the March wipocalypse, IHSW and April YOTA all in one.


This is as far down the columns that I will go on the bookshelf. It's not quite a full page there is still 20 rows or so to go but it cuts too far into the second shelf and I want to stitch along one shelf at a time. So once I finish that little bit in the right corner I will start back up the top on page 2. 


Managed to reach the end of the row at least, but not much else. 


No change for my poor Angel. Sorry man will put in extra time on you this month.

Here is the fabric that I bought at the Stitches and Craft fair at Rose Hill. It's all from the lovely boys at Sew it All. I've no idea what I'm going to do with most of it but I will be starting Randal Spangler's "So many books so little time" on the 28ct cream Jobelan. It's such soft fabric and it's totally beautiful to stitch on. This little dragon is going in the library as my second love is books!!! Ok it's really shoes but books are cool too.

So many books so little time!

I also bought the new e-zine "New age Cross stitch". This is like a dream come true. All my favourite cross stitch designers in one collection. Woo Hoo! I plan on stitching the HAED Adventures in reading (also planned for the library) and maybe Deep in the Forest or Bluebell Fairy. 

New Age Cross Stitch Volume 1

That's all for now my lovelies. I will have more stitching to show next post which I believe is the April Wipocalypse. I have started 2 new projects and will have something substantial to post. 

May all your lives be filled with laughter, sunshine and rainbows. And to steal a line from Carly and Tresne who were contestants on My kitchen Rules
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!" 

Kisses and hugs
Alicia xo