Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oops I did it again!!

Hi Stunners!!!

Welcome aboard to my new followers Tamara, K.Marie, MoniqueH, Any, Xstitch2k, and Terry. Thanx for joining the journey, final destination unknown but I hope you find the ride fun anyway!

Confession:  I succumbed and bought some more charts from the HAED sale....but in my defence it was 50% off!! 50%!!! and also from fox collections.

So my new additions to my ever growing (but ending) stash are dah dah daaaaaa!!

Aimee Stewart's QS Mini Gypsy Firefly!

QS Mini Gypsy Firefly


Myka Jelina's Melody



Thomas Kinkade's Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love

                           Kinkade / Disney - Beauty and the Beast - Cross Stitch World

Now for the justification!!!

Gypsy firefly is not only a Quickstitch but a MINI Quickstitch (self explanatory I think). For the Thomas Kinkade, well I have always loved the Disney collections and have looked on with whimsy and want at some of the stitchers blogs that are working on Cinderella and Snow white, but resisted getting them myself. BUT when this one came along it was inevitable that I had to own it. You all know I'm always thumping on about love and the importance of it in our lives - well this is the ultimate story of unconditional love so I ask you dear and treasured readers how could I pass it up? Plus if you spent over 100 bucks you could buy a floor lamp for half price - so justified! Now as for Melody OMG as if I could resist all that vibrancy and colour..I was drawn like a moth to the flame, a bee to the flower, a Princess to bling, psychotic men to me!!!!

So outta my hands! They will be added to the rotation when I finish the current wips in their category. So (chuckle chuckle) not long now.

I have devised not only a new rotation but have included a focus piece! Truthfully I had to. My current rotation involves 26 projects which means that they only see the light of day 2 weeks in a that pace I would never ever see another finish. So what I have decided to do is to have a focus piece. So every alternate week I will work on this one project until of course I finish then move another wip into the focus piece category. So after I start White Hammock tiger and Beauty and the Beast - no more new starts until my rotation is halved!  So again (hee hee) not long now!

The current focus will be Golden Wood - as I am currently in a challenge with Mrs.Dibble and losing quite badly.  Here is my wip:

and here is Mrs. Dibble's Golden Wood

I have my work cut out for me huh??? Challenge ON!!!

I am also currently working on my stash list and will add a stash page. It's taking a while as I have um er ah quite a few and trying to post the pics of them. Hopefully will be finished soon.

Ok so now for the Wipocalypse Goals update

Goal 1 : Faery 2

Goal 2 and 3 - ugh No progress.

Goal 4: QS Lovers

I realised I made a mistake with his hair, see the purple blob in the first pic. But I fixed it so all good, smallest frog I've ever had to do. YAY!

Goal 5: I managed to put the backstitch in the bear caboose and add a bit more border, but I left the project at work so haven't got a pic. Here it is without the outline just imagine it with dark brown backstitch. It may help to squint!

Goal 6: The pieces I worked on my rotation were QS Lovers (see goal 4) and I was working on Faces of Faery 164 but I was hating it. I was avoiding working on her so the week went by without any real effort. I realised it was because I just can't stand using 2 strands over 1 on 25ct...just too tight and awkward for me. So I went to do a restart and got 20 rows done on 22ct and still found myself feeling despondent about it. So just gave it up altogether. Thea (gizzimomo) has just finished this chart (and I mean literally like 3 hours prior to this post) and it looks amazing, so I don't know why I was struggling so much with mine.

Anyhoo I began a new faery - FOF 162 and I loved every minute of her.

Faces of Faery 162

I know the fabbie looks a little crazy but in reality the purples and greens go really well with this chart, not to mention the bling in it! She is being worked 1 strand over 1 on 28ct Mist Forest opalescent evenweave (which I bought from those lovely boys at "Sew it all" at the last craft show). When I finish Golden Wood she will be my next focus piece.

I found it really hard to put her down, and this has been my struggle with sticking to rotations. I always seem to need to just finish that row or page or some ridiculous kind of goal, instead of just putting it away and start the next one. So the week turns into 2 weeks yadda yadda yadda. 

Then I read some awesome advice on Vani's blog. Vani only had a tiny bit to go on Shoreline to finish the current page, however she was strong and put it away until it's next turn as by doing this it would give her something to look forward to when she worked on it again. It was like an *epiphany* for me. So without too much regret I put her away until I see her again. Thanx Vani for that insight! Simple but effective.

Due to the blah blah feelings I was having with FOF164 I only managed to stick to 2 weeks of my rotation in the last month, but I'm on track again now and will post more frequently so you poor stunners don't have to plow through my monthly massive blogs!

Now for the blog quote!

I found this quote that explains what it is to be me. Just think of the things that are in your dreams and that is my reality...LOL!

I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.  ~Rene Descartes, "Meditations on First Philosophy

On that note - happy Wipocalypse to my fellow Wipocalyptans (hmm sounds like a tea) and happy dreams to all!

Love you stunners

xoxo Alicia