Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year and a Happy New Stash!!

Hi Stunners!!!

We made it through the apocalypse! Yes! Thank goodness I have so much work to do craft wise.

Welcome to my 2 newest followers - Gwen from Spices of your Life and MagpieShaz...Shazzie...Shaz - love the names girls! Welcome and I hope you enjoy it here with the rest of the followship.  

Ok so a New Year and I've had no real epiphanies (yet) but I have made one resolution. 

I vow that I will no longer be at the mercy of other peoples moods.  I'm a happy and bubbly person and at times people feel they need to dim my shine because they are miserable. But I am a child of the light and I would rather people come and share that light rather than bring me down into their darkness. Like a plant I always gravitate to all things sunny, bright, shiny, and of course ★blingy★  

So that's it for resolutions!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and are geared up for another amazing year of craftiness and stitching. 

A big thank you to Ewa from Cross stitch and other musings for sending me a beautiful skein of variegated thread. It's lovely and perfect as I received an embroidery book for Chrissy and I can't wait to try out some of the stitches so thank you thank you stunning Ewa!

I'm working on getting pics together for my year in progress but as I can't find my SD card it may be a bit delayed. But tomorrow is cleaning day so hopefully it will turn up.

But here is the Xmas and New Year stash that I bought. I no longer have any charts in any of my Wish Lists, woo hoo!!!


GK has been popping up on a few blogs recently so I thought I would revisit. Good move Princess as there was a sale and it pretty much meant that if I bought 3 charts one would ultimately be free!!! So what's a girl to do?? Yeah baby~~~

I bought 2 charts by the artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Among the Ruins - Click Image to Close
Among the Ruins

The Coliseum - Click Image to Close
The Coliseum


 Georges Jules Victor Clairin's

The Arrival of the Guests, Venice - Click Image to Close
The Arrival of the Guests, Venice
I will have to start Arrival of the Guests soon as this is the hugest cross stitch I own to date. It has a whopping 189 pages, 200 colours, of which 117 are blended colours. CHALLENGE ON!!! This will probably take 10 years to complete so I think it might be wise to get a start on it, like now!

I will be stitching all the GK's on either 18 ct or 20 ct as any higher and the blending thread effect wahoo gets lost and anything lower makes the finishes too massive. So I found a happy medium. 


Healers Touch
Healers Touch - Adele Sessler

Rustle of Wings - Jessica Galbreth
Only 49 colours in this beauty so she will be done in silk threads..SWEEEET!

On The Edge Of Universe
On the Edge of Universe - Jacek Yerka

I'm becoming quite the fan of Mr. Yerka. This is my third chart of his that I've bought. I think this will be done on black evenweave as it's 47 skeins of black...bleuh cough.

Winter Rose RA
Winter Rose - Rachel Anderson

Neptune Siren
Neptune Siren - Ching-Chou Kuik

See not so bad, it has bumped up my HAED BAP's to a nice rounded 60. So that's nice. But I really want to get a lot of stitching aka finishes done this year so putting an embargo on stash enhancement. I have a whole month off  from work starting from the 6th January. There is only 2 things I have planned for my holidays - Going to the gym and cross stitching

So I'm literally going to stitch my ass off!!! LAUGH. I will spend a bit of time gaming as I got quite a few new ones for Chrissy that I wanna play. But that's it.

Happy stitching everyone! Will get some Wip pics out soon.

Love you stunners xoxo