Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Fatigued Princess!

Hi Stunners!

I'm so sorry for the lack of blog updates but I have been seriously stretched thin over the last 2 or so weeks. I had a lot of overtime shifts over the Easter break, mother's day, as well as her birthday, visits to Nanna, visits from relos overseas and catching up with friends. So sadly the one thing that suffered was my stitching. Big thank you to Manbroider who popped by to check on my welfare. Very sweet of you, sorry to worry you but I'm great just a little weary.

But that is all behind me now so I can concentrate on stitching. Within all this I managed to get 3 new starts in and some work on Spring to Life! I was feeling a little depressed re the lack of progress on her so remembered how Manbroider and other talented stitchers completed just the black outline of Hannah Lynn's work so I decided to do that to get things going!


New Start 1 - Guardian Angel

I couldn't let this one wait. It's really lovely to stitch alot of chunks of colour even though it's mainly greys and grey greens at the moment. Hopefully I will get page 1 finished this week. He is being completed on 1 over 1 28ct Opalescent Antique White. The sparklies didn't really show up on the pic even though I took it out in the sun.

New Start 2 - Fractal 45

I purchased this off the Fox Collections website. I always love fractals and when I came across this one I felt it too hard to resist. I had a whole roll of black Aida sitting in my craft box for years and thought I would whip this one out on that one. Not sure it's a good move as it's going to be HUGE when completed, 25 inches x 23.75 (62.5cm x 59.4cm). Check out the pics below. I'm doing this using 3 over 1 on 14ct Black Aida.

OMG so big, oh there are my toes just noticed that! LOL!
New start 3 - Fragile Heart (restart)

I'm having another go at parking. As she has so much chunks of colour it's working really well so far. I just have to try hard to resist continuing down the page with a colour when I hit a large chunk of it. I'm doing the top 3 pages simultaneously so that is the finished width of her. She is being reworked on 22ct black Hardanger 2 over 1. I dyed this myself in my mums washing machine. I was so proud of myself, until dad's bonds singlets came out pink in subsequent washes. He wasn't too mad but has banned me from using their machine for dying fabrics...As an artist himself (oil painter and sketcher) you would think he would understand ones sacrifices for their art, well in his defence he is the father of a lunatic Princess so I have to cut him some slack! 

That's it stunners from me. I promise Aunty Nene that I will post the new charts I bought from the HAED sale on the next post. I'm now off to check out what you all have been up to whilst I've been offline.

Welcome to my new followers thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and follow. It makes it all worth while to have some friends on the journey!

Take care and love lots
xo Alicia


  1. Guardian angel is now on my wish list (cause i need another one to do!) all fantastic starts

  2. I'm glad you're back: I missed your posts. I can see that everything is going fine in your stitching world. I love the restart on fragile heart: It's going to be really stunning on black. The fractal is so huge. Guardian angel and Spring to life are beautiful.
    I'm looking forward seeing what you've bought on HAED sale

  3. Glad to see another update, I already wondered if something was wrong ;)
    Your progress on Spring to life is wonderful (as usual). I guess I can't get enough of the blue colors :)

    The fractal looks fantastic, it's a stunning design. I fear I have to look up that chart ;)
    The greys on guardian angel seem to be quite calming, even if we can't see the sparkles, I try to imagine them ;)

    I admire you for restarting fragile heart, I guess what happened to it would have put me down and maybe I would have abandoned the chart for a while, but I'm glad that you didn't, it's so beautiful :) An extra portion of good luck on this one!
    I'm looking forward to see more of your stitching (and your new charts) soon

  4. WOW it sounds like you have been very busy! I hope you enjoyed all your visits with family and such even if your stitching suffered a little.

    Your pieces look fantastic, well done!

  5. I love all your new starts, and great progress on Spring To Life.
    Have you had a look at Cross Stitch Collectibles website, they have a freebie fractal chart each month.

  6. I really love the fractal. I'll have to take a look if they have anything I'd like to stitch (the black fabric is still my horror, so this one is out of the question). And great to see you're back :)

  7. Hey Stunners! Aww What awesome posts you all left. I was so touched to read them all. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I think crafty people are the greatest people out there. Possibly because we are all into creation and not destruction. Take care everyone and I will endeavour to visit all your blogs as well to return the awesome support xoxo Alicia

  8. Woah you're right.. that fractal is going to be huge - can't wait to see some more progress on it :)

  9. Wow, everything looks good. I love the fractal you're working on. I have several in my stash atm, but nothing in progress!! And you're so brave working on black fabby so much. It can be a real... Well, you know.

  10. I know how it feels to be swamped and not have any time to stitch. I'm glad tha it's all behind you now and it looks like you made up great for lost time. :D

  11. Good work crafty princess...I'm glad you have put in another post and looking forward to seeing the latest designs in your next entry...that "parking" thing looks a little'll have to give me some more lessons, I think I could use it some


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