Sunday, May 29, 2011

Confessions, Progress, New Car and a Naked Butler!

Hi Stunners

I guess I will start with the naked butler and my new car!

But firstly a big welcome to some new followers - Caitlin, Tammy, Cat and Scully. Thanx for the followship, LOL!


This is Pete from "Butlers in the Buff" looking very buff indeed and posing with my new car.  I was at my Bff's handbag party that she was hosting. As an added benefit she hired young Pete to serve us drinks, food and anything else we needed (within reason). So I asked him to pose with my car as I am so in love with it. In fact he was the first male to get into the backseat of my car. Now don't get any ideas I was driving him up to the local bottlo, he was such a good sport that he went dressed or undressed as you see him below with butt hanging out in all his glory!  The man has no shame. I did feel sorry for the old bloke standing behind him in line at the counter. Poor bugger didn't know where to look. All of a sudden the ceiling held so much appeal for  him. LOL! Didn't help matters when I gave Pete a little smack on his butt cheek to make the old bloke look down. Oh naughty Princess, but it was so funny!

Pete from Butlers in the Buff!
That's me hanging onto him - hee hee
Spring to Life

Now the reason I posted this pic is to show you how cross stitching influences almost every facet of my life.  I specifically chose the Mazda 3 as it was the only manufacturer that offered a car with a colour close to DMC 995.  It's the main background colour for Spring to Life. I loved this colour so much whilst using it to stitch and my eye always fell on it when I opened my bobbin it was the obvious choice for my car. My dad thinks it's a little too bright but hey I stand out amongst all the silvers, blacks and reds that everyone seems to be driving!

 Luckily I love the Mazda 3, it's so smooth to drive and it just slides into gear. I love driving manuals and simply can't drive automatics I get bored. Mazda 3 has 6 speeds not including reverse...OMG I'm in heaven! See we were meant to be. The universe answered my prayers with an awesome colour that I love on an awesome vehicle. Happy Princess!


I've worked hard on Spring to Life this week even taking her to work. Putting stitches into her every chance I got and I still haven't finished page 2. She's moving so slowly!!! Unfortunately she is going to be put on hiatus until the end of June. I really need to get working on Faces of Faery 88. As I want to take her to the Craft and Quilt show being held in Darling Harbour in Sydney on 23rd June.  I promised to show the boys from the sewitall store my finished HAED. Both Guardian and FOF88 are being worked on fabric I bought from them. So....those 2 will be my focus pieces from now till the show!

Progress on Guardian Angel is much faster. I'm almost finished page 1 and hope to get page 2 completed by the show date. Fingers crossed.

It looks better from far away, close up it's just a blob of greys and whites. It's so beautiful to stitch. I'm really loving the 28ct fabby using 1 over 1 the stitches just look so much neater than when using 2 strands. Well for me anyhow.

Here is FOF88 where I have left it and hopefully I will complete it by 23rd June. If I can manage to finish off these 3 pages in a week, then down to a page a week I will get it done. It will be my first HAED finish too if I manage it...very exciting!


Okay, I know I said I wouldn't purchase anymore charts about 2 blogs ago...wellllll HAED had a sale, it was only 25% so I told myself - no - you have too many, and was so good throughout the sale. Until the last day that is. It went down to 50% off and I have never seen them drop it that low. So I had to buy some of my BAP's in my WL as they were only $9 and with the US dollar dropping it was even less in Aussie dollars. Now I say to you who could blame me under these circumstances so I bought 9 more charts. 5 BAPs, 3 medium sized charts and 1 storykeep! So not so bad right??

Wrath - Click Image to Close

Fireside Fairytales - Click Image to CloseEnvy - Click Image to Close

The Chess Match
BAP's above are :>
Dahlig's - Envy and Wrath
Spanglers - Fireside Fairytales
Christensen's - Superstitions and The Chess Match
Medium charts below are :>
Kimpel's - Purple Orchid
Jelina's - Corina
Nielsen's - SHH Now
Purple OrchidCorina
and finally
Thomas' - SK Winter Wings
Storykeep Winter Wings
Oh God help me it just looked so bad as I scrolled down my post. Well my guardian angel certainly has his work cut out for him if he thinks I'm going to live to see all these charts finished. Bless him!
I did a tally on the insistence of Aunty Nene and Mrs.D so here is my final confession:

Stash of a lunatic Crafty Princess!
WIP's  - 18
Faces of Faery and small charts - 19
HAED Med charts - 20
HAED BAP charts - 34 (Holy Sh*t)
HAED Quickstitches - 27
Mystic Stitches (Med-BAP's) - 19
Other (inc Miribilia's, Gold dimension kits) - 27
Scarlet Quince BAP -  1
Golden Kite BAP - 3

A grand total of 168 Cross stitches - YIKES
Good news though the last sale completely emptied out my WL on HAED and I refuse to buy anymore charts - oh except for a baby sampler for Blair from work, but that's it!!!

Have a great week gorgeous people. I have checked your blogs and loving the work of everyone. Congratulations sisters and brothers of the creative thread.
 xo Alicia


OMG!!!! It's not even 24 hours since I posted this blog and already I have blown my promise to myself. It's not my fault though. I've always wanted a "GAIA" chart and never really liked any of the charts with this theme. Closest I liked was Jo Walls "presence of Gaia" or something like that but the flowers all over her head reminded me of those old fashioned swimming hats the elderly ladies wore to the pool and the beach. Then Winkler had to release this beautiful pic recently and I stuck it in my WL with no intention of buying it (well yet anyway).

So trawling through the HAED BB I found a note from Michele Sayetta stating don't forget to check the announcements so I did and she advised to type in a code at checkout for a nice surprise. Curiosity got the better of me, must have been a feline in my past I needed a chart to chuck into the cart just to see what the surprise was, not to buy. So anyway used Winklers Gaia and the surprise was so so so good I found myself clicking on "confirm wahoo" button and now I'm the proud owner of another chart.

So editing my above tally I have 170 charts, adding this med HAED chart of Gaia and the birth sampler for Blair's spawn.

It's all good - I've always loved a challenge - I intend to live well into my hundreds and now I will have something to do to pass the time! YAY!

So here she is the earth mother who broke my will.



See you next week my stunning followers and guests!
xo Alicia


  1. I love the colour of your car! you were totally right, it's gorgeous. Pete in front of it, doesn't look bad either :)
    I am sure you can do it. Guardian angel is looking great and I so much love FOF88's eyes. Stunning!
    Fantastic stash! The charts you've bought are wonderful. I have as much stash as you, even more I think ;) So good to know that you won't ever lack of something to stitch, yeah!

  2. Oh, gorgeous work on both your focus pieces. I love the FoF one. It's beautiful. I missed the fifty percent day, but did get a chart at twenty five. Love the seven deadly sins. And grats to you on the new car. It's a perfect match for your background!!

  3. Love the new car and FoF always have beautiful eyes. Great job and you always make me feel better about how many haed charts i own!

  4. Aww thanx ladies. I'm going to really put my mind to finishing. I need a finish to boost my morale! Sharine I'm going to make you feel even better, just bought another chart. LOL! I'm hopeless.

  5. Now that's a way to show your new car :)
    The colors is indeed very beautiful, matches your haed perfectly. You made great progress on your stitching projects, too. Don't worry about all your charts, we still love you and your work. You bought some beautiful charts on the sale :) 50% tempted me, too ;) Now I'm waiting for the next sale because I promised a friend of mine to stitch a storykeep ;)

  6. Good work Crafty according to your latest comment a/a does that mean you now have 171..ha ha ha... I love the castle in the water pic, one of the last ones your bought, its gorgeous...Hopefully if I live to be 100 I may get to see it finished (cause thats how old I'll be by the time you finish it!!!!!). xxx

  7. Oh just realised if I hold curser over the picture it tells me which one it is..."superstitions"..its one of my favourites of your 50 million charts xxx

  8. I agree with Aunty are listing your charts in a way that make them look reality you have 171 (according to Aunty Nene)....and you really said it yourself "HOLY SH*T"......Keep stitching Princess....Love Mrs D

  9. It's not our fault.HAED need to stop tempting us with beautiful charts and sales to good to resist!

  10. Love your new car and the colour is one of my favs as well. Shame you didn't get to keep the butler lol.
    Great progress on your wips, you are far more ambitious than me with your HAED's, I'm SO slow at stitching them.

  11. Oh! He's really a naked butler.! Shocking! I thought it just a name and not in reality.

  12. Oh! he is too hot like butlers in the buff edinburgh. Wish to have him in a party.

  13. Stag weekends would not be complete without enjoying a stripper going through her moves in a pole dancing routine. Dancing with a pole has completely transformed the stripper's art, making it more acrobatic and more explicit, and expecting more fun visit butlers with bums cardiff.


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