Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here comes the purple dragon!!!

Hey stunning stitchers!

I have stitched my butt off this last 2 weeks trying to get FOF88 finished by the craft show on June23rd. I haven't got as far as I would have liked but at least I've managed to complete the top row. Thankfully this chart only has 2 rows, hee hee! And the bottom row are only partial pages which is her mouth and a lovely mixture of vibrant greens and deep purples of the dragon, so will be really awesome to stitch.

Only a short update this week my lovelies as I have to get off this computer and back to stitching!

But I will be taking a break and sipping some cabernet savignon whilst perusing all your blogs. Take care everyone. And to all of you that are still under British Rule like us Aussies I hope you had an enjoyable and safe Queens Birthday weekend!

Here's my progress xo

Can you see him???


  1. Great work on FOF :) It's such a beautiful design! I believe in you to finish in time :) *cheeeer*

  2. She' so lovely! great stitching princess!
    Go and stitch,I'm cheering you!

  3. She's adorable :) And I must admire your ambition, but I know you can do it!

  4. It's amazing how many stitches we can get it when we sit down and do nothing else. It's looking lovely, keep at it! I know you can finish!

  5. Very beautiful, love the design! Looking forward to seeing it done :)

  6. :D I'm excited to see what it looks like in the end :D

  7. She looks awesome! You can get her done!!! :D

  8. I can see him, just a little bit!! This is gonna be gorgeous!!! Keep up the good work, and I'm sure you'll have him finished in time!!

  9. She looks so beautiful! Keep it up! Can´t wait to see her finished.
    I just recently started this piece but I´m still working on her forehead.

  10. Thanx so much stunners. I have been busting my hump trying to get her finished. Don't think I will make the deadline but thanx for believing in me. I will definitely get her finished by the end of the 2 week HAED Fairy SAL...I hope!!

    Yay Erla I have a FOF 88 friend. She's fun to stitch especially when you get to the dragon with the contrast of deep purples and greens.

    Good luck sisters and brothers with your stitching. I still have time to keep up with all your work too!
    Alicia xo

  11. blimey u stitched fast you will easy make it at this rate cant wait for the cute dragon to make an appearance, i really need to start my jbg


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