Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Finish...sorry for letting the team down *sigh*

Hello my gorgeous stunners!

Welcome to some new followers, Lince.80, My mother in law from Hell (very catchy title), Marianela and Fani.  Fani it looks like you may be a gorjuss girl fan. I love those charts and have 3 kits in my stash, which I hope to start soon. So I hope this will give you something to keep you interested in my little blog! It's awesome to have you all along for the ride!

Well didn't get the 23rd June deadline met, I'm so sorry everyone I feel like I let you all down especially after all the awesome supportive comments you left for me.  But the lovely boys were so cool that they decided that the next craft show in April will be fine. But they want to see 2 finishes...I was so happy that I bought 5 pieces of hand dyed evenweave from them. Cool not a problem. I have entered the HAED half yearly goal challenge and 2 of them are to complete Faces of Faery 88 and Spring to Life. Easy peasy!! HEE HEE.

Here is the faery:

Sorry for the colour, she looks a bit yellowy but that's just the sunshine distorting the colours. I will get a good shot for the page finish. I only have to do his wing and then only 1 page and a tiny partial page to go. Very excited.

She will become my take to work project as I will be joining in the HAED freebie SAL this week with Fragile Heart. I have to get going on her as she is one my of my goals. 

Craft Show!

Mrs.Dibble, Coral, mum and I went to the Darling Harbour Craft and quilt show on the 23rd. I was so good. I only bought one HAED chart and 2 teeny tiny little Gold Dimensions kits. I just couldn't resist the Marchetti. This will be my next BAP when I finish the 3 I have going in my rotation now! So won't be long stunners!

Oracle of Visions! - Ciro Marchetti

I stayed in Sydney overnight with my mum and we went out and ate Japanese cuisine for a change. Both had a Bento wahoo. It was gorgeous. Back to the hotel for some wine and checking out the goodies we bought at the show. Me being me I started one of the teeny tiny kits. It was a great day..however note - mum snores like a chainsaw after half a bottle of wine. Never sleeping in the same room as that woman again!  

So I have entered the HAED half year goal challenge. If you finish all your goals that you set yourself your name gets entered in a hat and the winner drawn out receives a free chart! The deadline is July 3 so get on that if you are interested. It's posted on the BB under general discussions.

Here is the challenge I have set for myself:


Faces of Faery 88 (progress as above)

Spring to life

Complete one page of :

Page 2 of "Where is my Valentine?"

Page 2 of "Lost in You."

Page 1 of "Release"

Complete page 1, 2 and 3 of:

Guardian Angel

and finally

QS Fragile Heart   - 

I'm working on her this week and as you can see I'm doing all three pages at once using the parking method. Hopefully this will speed things up a bit. Even if I do one line a day I will have it finished well within the half yearly goal time. Plus we received page 4 this week from Fudgey so it's motivated me to light a fire under my bum to get moving on her.

That's it for this week stunners.
I hope you all have an amazing July and keep up the beautiful stitching.

Alicia xo


  1. well she is still stunning finished or not, and i have not set any goals up to now as i always fail them but i really need to get my finger out and work a bit more on fragile heart, i love it stitched on your fabby though, the colours really pop, im sure its cos i am stitching mine on 18ct, and it doesnt feel as nice as i ma now used to 25ct, one day i will actually finish a haed!!

  2. My mouth's just fallen open in absolute amazement, you've done loads! When do you sleep?
    They all look absolutely incredible, I love how where's my valentine looks at the moment!

  3. I believe in you that you will meet your new goal for the craft show and your half year goals!
    Your dragon is so beautiful and the Marchetti is simply stunning! I am looking forward to see some work on that one :)

  4. Hubby loves bento too. :D

    And wow, you've gotten a heck of a lot done!! They look awesome. :D

  5. As always it all looks wonderful! FOF88 looks stunning (as do all the rest) and I really want that Marchetti! That is My Favorite! START IT NOW! LOL!

  6. Your progress is awesome, Princess! I'm sure you will reach your goals!
    The Marchetti is stunning!

  7. Don't worry about not getting to a deadline, your progress looks awesome :) After all it's you who you're stitching for, not anybody else.

    The new Marchetti you bought is stunning!

  8. Oh, Alicia. I totally understand not being able to resist a new HAED chart. I have that very same problem!!! Can't wait to see if you meet all your goals!! Best of luck to you.

  9. Wow, Thanx everyone for your fantastic comments. I know what you guys mean about the Marchetti it's just stunning. I felt like I'd been punched in the face when I saw it, so I knew it was love!
    LOL! Manbroider I am tempted to start it as soon as I have 2 finishes under my belt. That way I feel a little more justified! Thanx again stunners xox Take care

  10. Your FOF88 is looking amazing! Can´t wait to see her finished! I just started mine and I love seeing how it will turn out.
    Good luck with all your goals :)

  11. Wow you certainly have a lot of HAEDs on the go! They all look fantastic!


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