Friday, November 26, 2010


I have completed the weeks rotation for Golden Wood, and as it went last week I didn't get as much done as I anticipated. I'm either really slow or not spending enough time on them, or I'm just over ambitious with my quotas. Time will tell...

Golden Wood

Now for the confession. I purchased 4 new cross stitch charts from the HAED thanksgiving sale. But in my defence I have a very good reason and I am not sliding back into my old ways. I am reading "The Power" by Rhonda Byrnes and it's all about Love and the power of Love. In order to have an amazing life one must harness the power of Love.  Anywhoo as I was browsing only BROWSING mind you the HAED website I came across the Selina Fenech Sampler Letters charts and the thought hit me like lightning - how cool would it be to have a cross stitch depicting the word LOVE to remind me of its power and to use it throughout my day. As the Law of Attraction advises one to act upon every positive impulse it was completely out of my control so I bought the charts and will be starting on the "L" today.

You see my friends I have to do this because I don't want to screw with the Universe. It guided me to this website as I promised myself I wouldn't even go there for temptation sakes but something told me to do so that day and lo and behold there was a sale on!!! It's beyond my control. This is my explanation - please don't judge or organise an intervention. I'm okay. It's all good! Happy stitching stunners!



  1. Now know I love you....and I may not have been listening properly when you told me about the new cross stitch....but the way you spoke you made it sound like there was only ONE bought (the 'L') - which I did think was a bit odd at the time....but I got busy chiding you about buying more stuff and probably did not hear the bit about the other THREE letters.....we will put it down to that. But I have to say they will look lovely framed altogether...maybe in a frame with four sections (see how I'm getting into this cross stitch thing now)....but just finish them first and worry about that after.

  2. Mrs. Dibble it's so hard going cold turkey. But it was the universe talking how can I go against such awesome and knowing power. It knows what is best for me. And you're right I was thinking of a frame with 4 sections, I already had a pink and a white sparkly fabric from the craft show we went to. So only had to buy 2 more for the V and E. Good lord I'm going to stop typing now cos I'm only sinking myself more and more. Love you - P.S. Your Golden Wood is looking awesome!

  3. I have just looked at the name of the letters....good job they called them French Sampler Letters and not just French Letters. Have sent your blog address to you will have another follower soon.....E

  4. Cool thanx Mrs. D. The more followers I have the more I will work hard at these projects otherwise will be letting the team down. Xoxo

  5. Golden Wood is looking great and the idea of the 'LOVE' letters is wonderful and I agree that they will look great all in one frame but with the matting in sections...... I look forward to seeing how you get on! Good Luck!!

  6. Thanx Gizzi! I am almost finished the first page of "L" its kind of a relief to stitch with large blocks of one colour rather than all the confetti in Golden Wood. But saying that you notice the difference in the end result, its worth all those colour changes. Thanx for taking an interest. XO


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