Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Returning to the Golden Wood

The end of the rotation for Crimson Glomour and the return to the Golden Wood. This is another HAED chart by Ruth Sanderson. I bought it as a gift for Mrs. Dibble and loved it so much that I bought one for myself too. To make it interesting we are having a competition, whoever finishes first is treated by the other to a fabulous lunch at Doyles on the waterfront. It's kind of a win win situation but it's the principle of it all.

You can see Mrs. Dibble's progress on her blog, she has completed a page and half at this point, as for me weellll I'm not quite so far in. Anything can happen in a week! I'm using 2 strands over one on 22ct white Hardanger fabric and mounted on Q snaps as I'm running out of scroll frames and refused to allow myself to buy another one as I would only be indulging my naughtiness as it's my fault that all my scroll frames already have a cross stitch mounted on them. Anyway Q snaps make the cross stitch portable and I can take it to work to complete on those errr down times!

Everyone believes I will lose because I am an obsessive project starter but I believe that with my rotations I will be on a roll as I won't get bored and more importantly I won't start another cross stitch. Saying this when I first got Golden Wood and began working on it, I also started a Faces of Faery cross stitch but that was before this blogging started and my rotations which I believe has cured me of my evil compulsive ways.

Well that's my theory!

SK Crimson Glomour after one weeks rotation

 I haven't got as much done on Crimson Glomour as I would have liked. I was completing her hair and the confetti stitches involved was so hard going. Almost a new colour every stitch. So parking was required which helped but progress was still slow. I'm hoping next time she is on my rotation I will complete the first page.


  1. Well Princess - the contest is out there in cyberspace so it must be true.....thank you for saying that I have finished a page and a half - that is a little bit of an over estimate. But I did do some yesterday - I used it as a prize for cleaning the house and washing the kitchen floor....just like a kid "If you eat up all your veggies you can have a sweetie!!" Well it worked......clean house and progress made with Golden Wood.....did you see my fish on my blog?

  2. I did see your fish on your blog, they are very mesmerising! I worked on Golden Wood all day and night yesterday but haven't picked it up today as I am cleaning the fridge out and working tonight. Will bring it to work though. Game On Dibble!!


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