Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm not bad I was born this way - IHSW & Wipocalypse

Hi Stunners!!!

Welcome to my new followers, Stitching Angel, Diane and Delphyne. These stunning people have helped me to crack the 100 followers. So see the bottom of this post for the 100th follower's prize giveaway.

So first order of business is I bought alot of stash at the Sydney Craft and Quilt show. I went there with no intention of buying anymore charts. Just fabric and accessories to accomodate the charts I already have.

However upon meeting Naomi from Stitches and Spice, we had an inspiring conversation. I told her how many I had and I couldn't possibly start anymore due to my current 26 wip rotation. Her nonchalant reply was pretty much bugger it who cares just start them and just keep buying more. If it makes you happy then go for it. Her attitude was so cool, I mean who does it hurt and why do we feel guilty about our stash????

Now stunners my epiphany is this, why do we feel bad when we buy more charts, kits, whatever...this is the craft that makes us happy. Every blog I have read (myself included) always beat on about how bad they were because they bought more stash...yet the purchasing of it makes us happy. We all seem to get down on ourselves because we have bought more than we will live to see completed. Well who cares, I could go tomorrow, but at least I was happy today!!!! So stunners buy that damn chart or kit and to hell with feelings of guilt. It's such a wasted emotion.

So with that I have decided that I will do all of Marta Dahlig's 7 deadly sins. I only needed to buy 3 more anyway to complete the collection. When I went to Heaven and Earth Designs website - OMG Michele was having a 50% stash enhancement sale...whoa serendipity thy is my middle name!!! The sale was for one day only and I logged on within the last hour or so of the sale.  See it was meant to be. So I also bought a Spangler that I have been umming and ahhing about for years. Now my wishlist is empty and I have all that I have ever wanted...Plus its my birthday on the 25th June, no more justification required...Whoo hoo!

So here is my latest stash enhancements. I think I will start with Vanity though as she is my favourite. Then will do one of these beauties below as these are the least stitched by anyone so will give it a go. I will add a sin to the rotation and if I endeavour to do 2 lines per day I will have the sins done in 7 years!!!! A year a sin, sounds like heaven!
.GluttonySloth Avarice   Home is Where the Magic Is

Just updated this post to include my progress pic. I found the camera it was in my recycling box. Of course it would be I don't know why I didn't check there first!!!  Ok so I had a great IHSW and managed to finish page 2 of QS Lovers. On track with this one, yah. We receive the 3rd page from Rachel in the first week of July.

So with 100 stitches per day on lovers, 100 in Faery2, 400 to 800 on Vanity (when I kit her up) plus sticking to rotation I should have some good progress to show you all.


and after

So now for the giveaway.

To enter all you have to do is go to my stash page (scroll back up to the top and you will see the "stash" tab), and pick your fav chart or at least the chart that you would like to see stitched up. If you're having trouble picking just one then go with as many as you like.

Everyone that leaves a choice in the comments will be eligible for an entry to the comp. Don't forget to leave your email in the comments as well so I can get hold of you if you win. (Or you can submit an entry privately to my email account

I will pick 3 names out of a fairy jar.  The first person chosen has first choice of prizes and so on.

1) $40 gift voucher at

2) $60 worth of fabric and/or accessories from

3) Your choice of 2 or more Mystic Stitch charts from the following list (hardcopies will be sent to you - they are new and never been used)
Aurelia Branwyn Housework Cool Breeze Mother of Pearl

The mermaid in the oyster shell is Mother of Pearl - click the link to be able to get a close up of her.

I will leave the comp open for 2 weeks to enable followers and guest stars a chance to view my blog and enter.

Good luck stunners!

Thank you so much for all your support. This little giveaway is a token of my appreciation for all the comments, views and fantastic friends I have made over the last year or so through this blog. You guys rock! Thank you thank you thank you stunners xoxo Alicia

A big thank you to Jo and Julie for nominating me for the 11 things. I was really chuffed that you picked me. However I'm battling the flu atm and just can't find the energy to participate.

However as a token of my appreciation I will enter you both in the giveaway and if you add a comment then you will get 2 chances to win. I hope this is ok with you 2 stunners. I apologise for my lethargy but I've been off sick from work as well and is one of  the reasons my IHSW and wipocalypse post is so late.

Take care everyone, have an awesome week.

I will endeavour to catch up with everyones blogs.

xoxo Alicia


  1. Okay, wow, you have some beautiful stash!!!

    I think the two I would like to most see stitched up are (1)Rhyme & Reason and (2) Superstition. I have seen Faery Tales stitched up and it is wonderful, but I have been considering purchasing the other two for a while so I would love to see how they actually turn out when stitched!

    Best of luck and congrats on your birthday and your 100th follower and everything else you have to celebrate! Sounds like life is going well for you!

  2. Wow, awsome giveaway and awsome stash you have. I really enjoyed browsing through it and I would like to see Gorjuss kit Puddles of love as stitched or Josephine Wall's Iris keeper storykeep or storykeep winter wings. My address is

  3. Wow Alicia - that is a stash - I'm inspired to do a page on my blog with all my stash I think it's a great way to see everything you have in one place.

    Anyway I would love to be entered in your awesome giveaway.

    My favourite chart in your stash is Ciro Marchetti's Peacock Lagoon. I've always loved this chart and have never got round to adding it to my stash so I'd love to stitch vicariously through you. You can find my e-mail by clicking through to my blogger profile.

  4. Wow what a wonderful giveaway. I loved a lot of your stash but the one that really jumped out at me was QS Sapphire. Such a stunning design. Would love to see her stitched up. My email is
    Going to be clicking refresh in 2 weeks time to see the very happy winners. Thank you for your amazing generosity.

  5. I just LOVE your stash-attitude, whenever I feel guilty about buying stash I just think of you and it gets better ;-)
    I hope you will not get out of this world tomorrow for I would like to see more of your stitching ;-)
    I love the charts you bought, the seven sins are just fantastic and imagine how they would look like if they were all stitched up and hanging on the wall!

    I spent a little time going through your stash and there are so many wonderful charts, but most of all I would like to see "Winged Companion" by Anne Stokes stitched up =) And those fractal bookmarks you made me buy ;-)
    And I am impressed what a generous give away you are hosting, that's very kind of you =)

  6. Your stash is awesome! We have the same taste in charts, I also broke down and bought all of the 'Sins' and hope to one day stitch them all. However, I think I will need to live til around 1000 to get all my projects done!
    I agree with you...why be unhappy about something that is suppose to make you happy? I am proud of my stash, and I know I have a lifetime of happiness working away at stitching it all. I am sure though my life my tastes will change, but seeing all the pieces I bought along the way will remind me of where I have been, you know?
    It was hard to chose a favourite, but I picked Ravene, by Marta Dahlig, as I absolutely love the chart, and it is one of the few by her I don't own.
    Big congrats for reaching 100 followers, I love reading your blog, you always make me smile!


  7. Isn't it amazing how many charts we all seem to have that are the same!

    Great stash - I missed out on the sale this time, but there is always next time... LOL

    My choice would have to be Home is Where the Magic is By Spangler. It just calls to me and my home has always been there for me and accepts me just the way I am. It truly is magic. Sorry to go off on a tangient, thought I would explain why it called to me the loudest.

    Congratulations on 100 followers!

  8. Yay giveaway! Love these things :). Browsing through your stash I'm amazed. I have, assuming I counted correctly, 17 same charts as you, on a stash of about 50 :D! Talk about similar taste! The one I am drawn to the most atm (subject to change!!) is Moonlight Masquerade by Jessica Galbreth. Just love all her art, and this happens to be one of the beauties that I don't have myself.

    Congratulations on making 100 followers, been following your blog for a while now ;). If I am lucky enough to win I can be reached at

  9. I have to agree. If it's something you love, why feel bad? lol, choices are never bad for stash.

    I vote for Moonlight Masquerade. I love this chart and masks. My email is

  10. Beautiful new charts. I have the seven sins and was thinking after Faery Tales to start all seven and just rotate them. I will vote for Alicia Aliana just so I can see what it looks like getting stitched lol.
    Congrats on 100 followers. You deserve it.

  11. Happy Birthday for the 25th Princess Alicia hope you have a great one.

    i would love to see winged companions by Anne Stokes or Curl Up with a good Book by randal Spangler (am biased towards this one as I have already stitched it)

    Liz (Radidragon)

  12. Oh, God, where do I start? I have the Seven Deadly Sins charts as well. I also have Storm Runes by Nene Thomas and Impossible Love by Selina Fenech. Actually, IL is in my rotation. I just worked on it a couple of weeks ago. I really can't pick one, so I'll just say they're all gorgeous!!! You have great taste, lol. I can't wait to watch your progress on the sins. I have Lust started, but she's a UFO atm. And I totally agree with you on Stash. I argue with my mom because she yells at me every time I buy a new chart. But I get so much pleasure going through stash, and buying charts, that it is totally worth it to me. I'm glad you're on that crazy train with me, lol. I hope you find your camera soon, so you can take pics. And I hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being sick. I'll wish you luck with the suitcases too. That's no fun, and being sick at the same time??? I shudder... BTW, being sick is no excuse for getting out of the eleven things activity. YOu'll just have to do it when you're well, lol. (And you'll find I'm relentless at, um, reminding you, giggle. Will put you on my prayer list for feeling better, sooonest, Alicia. Have a great weekend!!

    1. LOL I can see by your comment that you will be relentless, bless you. Ok I will get to it as soon as I can. Good luck in the giveaway stunner. I'm moving back home within the week and will have my own computer back so easier to do my blog. Stay tuned and thanx for the well wishes I'm feeling better already! xo

    2. I can be relentless, lol, and I like you, so I want to see your answers!!!! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better. I hope the move went okay for you. I hate doing that, and refuse to do it again unless I get a roommate.

  13. I pick Moonlight Masquerade or anything Hannah Lynn! Congrats on 100 followers (and thanks for the welcome)!

  14. I would love to see the Three Graces or Curl Up With a Good Book stitched up. All your charts are lovely.


  15. Wow... I must say your chart collection is amazing and there are so many I loved that it's really hard for me to pick one, so my most honest answer would be any from HAED eheh, with a particular like for any of Selina Fenech, or Marta Dahlig, or Randal Spangler or the one from Adele Sessler (I love his latest black and whites too)Congratulations on reaching the 100 followers and whatever project you decide to go for I'll be stalking your progress for sure (I always do, even if I don't comment I love to see your progress :))


  16. That was soooooooo difficult! I think the Mystic Stitch Once Bitten Vampire really sticks out for me. My second choice would be the October Jewel Face. Or a Chatelaine, just to be completely different.

    Don't worry about the 11 Things Things, but it would be great if you could answer just one of the questions - who would play you in the story of your life? The reason being I have an actress for you in mind and it would be so funny if you said the same person!

    ps Congrats on 100 followers and thank you for the great giveaway. I can recommend Sewitall to any UK followers too.

    1. Ok I will. Julie isn't letting me off the hook so I will do it properly. Just a few days to recover from flu and birthday (hangover) and I will answer all questions. I have to admit they are pretty cool questions you both posed, I may need to censor a few though LOL!!!

  17. Love your new stash chart choices. And that's super progress on Lovers.

  18. LOL - congratulations for kicking the drama and doing what you love without apology!

  19. My vote is for Gold Collections "Scarlet Wizard" because I have that one, too and would love to see it stitched!

  20. Wow what beautiful progress on your WIP!

  21. You have some gorgeus variation of charts! I've chosen Gluttony by Dahlig. I have it too, and she'll be the next sin I'll stitch (I have all seven too, LOL!). But the speed I'm stitching Wrath it'll take a couple of decades before I'll get to her, so it would be fun to see how she stitches up.

    I can see your point of view about WIP's. As long as it doesn't bother you, have as many as you like :) I've read a blog where a lady had over 130 WIP's so you have a plenty to catch up, LOL ;D I try to decrease the amount of my WIP's, because I want to make a visible progress in all of them. So it bothers me when I get the feeling someone's been neglected for too long, or I don't have enough time to rotate them all smoothly. But you said it right, guilt is a wasted emotion :) This is all about you, so as long as it keeps you happy, it cannot be totally wrong!

    Have a great day! :)

  22. Hi wow what a stash so many that I like but My vote goes to Fred Winkler 's Gaia I really like her and might even get her myself. I also keep buying chart's but I don't care, I will get to them in time. If you don't buy what you like now, when you go back the kit or chart is not there anymore. I love your blog. Can I also put you on my blog list please

    1. Oh no sweetie. Your comment is so accurately true because Fred Winklers charts have now been retired from Heaven and Earth designs so Gaia is no longer available. See you are very wise, buy now no regrets! Sorry stunner but I'm sure there are others you would love just as much. Good luck with the comp and thanx for entering.

  23. Wow I love all your stash my fav's are Lust and Faces 177.
    My email is going to change in a few day's.

    1. Ok Claire no worries. I've still entered your name in the drawer. Good luck xox

  24. Congratulations on the followers!

    It's got to be the Sessler for me, having just finished one of hers and getting the lovely (but sad) email back from her about the finished piece (see my blog if you haven't seen it) I'm determined to get other people stitching her work so she can see more finished pieces!

    Here's to the next 100 followers!
    Love, Thea xx

  25. My vote would be for any of three Rachel Anderson charts. I can't narrow it down any more than that I am afraid as I love them all. Congrats on the 100+ followers. I am a newbie to your blog and love all your stitching.

  26. WOO! Congratulations on hitting 100 followers! No surprise though, you have a wonderful blog!!

    Oh my goodness...I LOVE your stash! If I HAD to vote (there are so many great ones to choose from!) I'd pick Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti...BEAUTIFUL!

  27. Congratulations!
    7 Deadly Sins - Vanity, Envy
    Josephine Wall - Daughter of the Deep
    Randal Spangler - Home is where the magic is
    Zindy S D Nielsen - Shh now
    Bothy Threads - Ruby
    Golden Collection - European Bistro (I have this one stored up to stitch too)
    Bicycle Afternoon
    Dreaming of Tuscany
    Dragonfly Pair
    Koi Pond
    Is this too many?
    my email is
    I know what you mean about feeling guilty ... I don't think I can finish mine in my lifetime and there is only a few ... but it is also the little problem of cash ... and not having enough of it to buy everything one wants.

    1. LOL! It can never be too many. You've obviously seen my stash so you should know too much is never enough for me. Thanx for entering xox

  28. Ooo can I Still sign up? I would love the see all the seven deadly sins stitched.
    My email is

  29. Oh sorry sweetie but you missed out. It was drawn on the post after this one. But good news I have started the first of the sins ~Vanity~ and will be starting ~Sloth~ when I finished her. Thanx for following my blog and being such an awesome source of encouragement and support xox

  30. Absolutely amazing work. Love the Heaven and earth designs. My favourite have got to be sloth and list xx


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