Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wipocalypse - And the winners are....!!!

Hi Stunners!!!!

Thank you to everyone that entered my 100th followers celebration giveaway. I loved loved loved all your comments. I read and re-read then over and over again because they all made me smile. Thank you so much for taking the time  to choose your favourites and all the little stories as to why they were your favs.

Of course I love all my stash but it was really interesting and very insightful to see what everyone's favourite's were. It would appear that Midnight Masquerade by J.Galbreth was very popular. In honour of all your choices I have decided to bump all the chosen pieces to my rotation.

So you will soon be seeing the following charts being stitched -  Moonlight Masquerade, QS Sapphire, Gorjuss Puddles of Love, Superstition, Peacock's Lagoon, Oracle of visions, Winged Companions, Ravene, Home is where the Magic is, Alicia Aliana (yay - thanx Sharine for picking her I was hoping someone would), Curl up with a good book, Forsaken (Sessler choice), Scarlet Wizard, Gaia and of course all the sins by Dahlig! But you must understand, my view of soon welll it may differ slighty to yours but don't despair it will be sooner rather than later. LOL!!
Lija thanx for the amazing list of choices you sent me, you will be happy to know that I have already started Vanity and will be posting my first progress pic in my next blog post!

Welcome to my 2 new followers Kittyperfection and Rachelle, welcome welcome and thanx for choosing to join me on this merry go round world of cross stitch.


Happy 4th of July to all my American followers and thanx to Michele from Heaven and Earth designs for holding a sale in honour of Indepenence Day because I bought another chart...hee hee!!

Faery Ball by Maxine Gadd

                                             Faery Ball MG

I just couldn't resist. There is approx 20,000 kreinik stitches, AWESOME it's going to be so sparkly!!!! I will be starting her in about 6 weeks or so where I've slotted her into the rotation. I've decided to start her when I finish Spring to Life so that should give me enough time. Plus I'm running out of Qsnaps and stretcher frames, not to mention storage boxes for the bobbins.

And also a big thank you to Jo (of Jo who can't think of a clever nickname fame - LOL I love that name by the way) for picking some Mystic stitches. You inspired me to go to that website which I haven't for so long and of course there was a summer special on so I have lovingly added 3 new charts to my stash.

Couldn't go past a new Maxine Gadd mermaid!!!

I saw this in the finished gallery on the website and it looks absolutely magical stitched up.
Titania Sleeping

Another Stephen Read...too cute to pass up!
Fairy Hollow

The Craft and Quilt Fair and the Lovely Boys

The Craft and Quilt Fair that was held in Darling Harbour was tres cool!! I bought quite a bit of stash which I have added to the stash page. I spent 2 days there, the first was spent shopping and the second I helped out the lovely boys from Sew it all at their stall. It was loads of fun hanging with them, they are so so so funny even though it was hard on the feet, I had a ball. It was also really good to talk to other girls about cross stitch. I learnt about other peoples quirky ways when it comes to their craft which was very insightful. As much as I helped people pick out fabrics, they in turn taught me a few little things that I would never have thought of. 

I bought 2 frames from their stall too. So I will be framing Faces of Faery 88 and Gorjuss I found my family in a book, soon. This will involve a bit of painting and decorating so pretty excited about getting on to that project!! I'll post pics of this working project just to show you how easy it is to do your own framing using their frames. 

I bought more fabric - these are 16 count from their hand dyed range, Stormy Sky and Blue Cloud.

As a thank you gift they generously gave me a chart. This is Butterfly Princess and it's by a new Aussie designer Jennidee Mills from Tapestrymoon. The sample is stitched on 16 count Blue Cloud which is the one I also purchased and will be stitching it on. Of course it's all sparkly!! Thanx boys that was very very kind of you. Isn't it dreamy??? I love it and can't wait to stitch on the sparkly fabric. It will be my first time using 16 count so I'm pretty keen to try it.  

And my lovely  friend and sister in all things stitchy Eleanor, bought me this beautiful Alessandra Adelaide chart, PLUS 32ct linen and varigated pink DMC thread to stitch it with.  So how can I not start this beauty too??? Oh thanx Elle you're so sweet and very cool!

Nice huh!! So my total is 232 this includes all stash and Wip's. And I love each and every one of them and I endeavour to complete all of them and refuse to hear otherwise. Yes I will live forever!!!


Ok now for the moment you've all been waiting for the winners of the giveaway.   Drum roll - Da da da DAHHHHHHH!!!!

1. Mrs Dibble

2. Delphyne

3. Kim

4. Hailine

Congratulations girls!!!

Mrs. Dibble was contacted and advised that she only wanted the Mother of Pearl chart by Mystic stitch so I thought I would have another name pulled from the hat as someone else may like the remaining charts!!

The names were drawn from a Pink Police hat by Sergeant Richardson of Penrith Police Radio Operations Group. Sergeant Richardson does not do anything craft related and has never seen my blog, so she was the most unbiased person to draw the names. Thank you Sarge for helping out.

I will contact Delphyne next and then Kim and Hailine.
I so wanted to give everyone something that entered because it was evident that alot of thought was put behind your comments so I hope that by doing the charts that you all loved the most is some small consolation. Thanx again stunners you truly are awesome people!
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all my amazing followers who have shown me such inspiring and unconditional support over the last year or so. You all make my life magical through our love for craft and your friendship. Plus I love stalking you on your blogs!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much stunners!!!

xoxo Alicia


  1. Gorgeous new charts and I can't wait to see all your new starts. One day I am going to just start all my HAED charts up just for the hell of it!

    1. Thanx Sharine! I say go for it and start them all. Afterall the only way you can finish them is to start them LOL!!! Plus I really love all your Hannah Lynn's and the Jasmine Fairies...simply stunning!


  2. You have a lovely stash of charts and Faery Ball is a great addition! I've never stitched a Mystic Stitch but they do have some lovely charts, I may have to check them out!

    Thank you for featuring Butterfly Princess! Jennidee is a friend of mine and she has designed some lovely charts!

  3. Thank you Miamina. Wow how lucky are you to have such a talented friend. Please convey to Jennidee how great her chart is. I really like the way she set out the key for the symbols and threads. Peter from Sew it all showed it to me they were selling 2 of Jennidee's designs at the craft fair. I loved Butterfly Princess and put it aside to buy it at the end of the day. But they gave it to me as a thank you gift..awww so much love hee hee!! Where can we find more of Jennidee's designs. I've searched the net and can't find any reference to her???

    1. Jennidee is such a lovely person, she's very talented in a number of crafts and is making a beaded headband for my wedding! If you check out her blog Tapestry Moon: there lots of pictures of her designs (most of which have been featured in magazines) and a link to her Etsy store.

    2. Awesome Miamina thanx so much for the info. Heading to her blog now. Congratulations on your impending wedding. Would love to have a sticky beak at the headband. I'm sure it's going to be spectacular. Thanx again. xoxo

  4. oh! I love your new additions! Congrats to all the winners, and thank you for running such an awesome contest! Can't wait to see pics of your new starts!


  5. You have chosen awsome projects, And the fabric is really beautiful It will be very pretty, Congratulations!!

  6. Oh your new stash is amazing =) I was pretty sure that you would pick Faery Ball ;-)
    (haha! You are like an ope book to me!!! ;-D )
    Congratulations to the winners =)

    1. You are too good. I know it was a pinky rainbowy coloured fairy with alot of bling. It had Crafty Princess all over it. That's so cool that you guessed my choice. You are paying attention bless you sweets! xoxo Alicia

  7. Hi There Crafty Princess,
    jennidee Mills Here
    Thanks for mentioning my design on your blog.
    Anyone who sees this and mentions it in my comments can have a free PDF Chart. I think I'll design a fairy just for the occaision.
    I can't wait to see Butterfly Princess all stitched up.

  8. Hey there JenniDee!

    You're so welcome! Thanx for visiting I'm so thrilled to have a designer and published artist stop by my blog.

    Thank you for designing those lovely charts. And thank you so much for your generous offer to my followship friends.

    To my readers and guest stars see Jennidee at Tapestry Moon also her etsy store.

    Take care xoxo

  9. I am new to your blog - just came over from Stitching my First HAED and just love your projects.

    I especially love the butterfly princess one because I wrote a children's book by that name! Tres coincidence!!!

    I think my favorite of the ones you posted though is the one with all of the kreinik stitches. How absolutely gorgeous. I love sparkly things.

    So glad I found your blog! This online stitching community is simply awesome. Wouldn't it be cool to have a stitching blog conference where we do nothing but compare WIPs and stitch for three or four days? How fun that would be!


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