Sunday, January 6, 2019

2018 Year in Stitches

Happy New Year Stunners!

Finally the New Year is here. I love the start of the year as it holds so much possibility and hope for a magical year of stitching and life in general. 

I have developed a rotation for the year which I will post in my next post which will be the GG SAL most likely.

So here is most of what I got up to in 2018. I have left out the tiny little 100 stitches progress wips as I forgot to take photos as the progress was so dismal. 

I wish everyone the very happiest 2019, may all your dreams be realised and life be spectacular for you all. 

Onto the pics! 


QS Theatre of the Absurd

Gyukou XXL

Gecko Rouge Halloween SAL 2017

Diamond Paintings

Galaxy Girl

Greatest Progress Wip's


Snow White

Carnival Moon

New Starts

Heaven on Earth

Ghosts in the Forest

Thanks for visiting stunners! My NY resolution is to be a better blogger and blogger friend. I have Amanda, the Stitching Angell who gives me a kick up the butt when it's been too long in the tooth between posts. And I have made a pact with Kim that we both be more proficient bloggers. So this is one resolution that I am definitely going to keep, thanks to these ladies.

Enjoy January. For the Aussies stay cool it's crazy weather out there!

Take care stunners and may life be magical for you.
xox Alicia


  1. When you put everything together (and considering the complexity of your projects) I think you made great progress over the year. They are all stunning in their own way but Carnival Moon and Theatre of the Absurd (I do like Ciro Marchetti's artwork) have to be my favourites, along with the haunted house from the Gecko Rouge SAL, of course!
    Here's hoping that you have a healthy and successful 2019 and that us readers are treated to more of your stitching. :)

  2. I love seeing your updates on your massive projects! I live vicariously through you ahaha :D I love seeing all your awesome little needle minders too~

  3. Awesome progress on all of your projects for the year Alicia. Its hard to pick a favorite there all so gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your progress on them throughout the year.


  4. Glad I can be of help lol I love the bird in your Alisha, I have a thing for stitched birds right now. Great progress on all your Wips and can't wait to see what your plans are for 2019 with your rotation. Happy stitching Alicia and happy new year to you and yours.

  5. Wow amazing progress on such intricate pieces. Good luck with your 2019 goals!

  6. Glad we'll be seeing more of you and your stitching this year. Your projects are so gorgeous! Galaxy Girl as a diamond painting looks really spectacular. But I would really like to see more of that Snow White. :) Happy stitching! ~Angela

  7. You made lots of stitchy progress in 2018! Everything looks great and I hope to see more of your progress in 2019! Happy New Year Alicia!

  8. It's great to see all your progress together, and I love seeing your DPs as well :) Have a great 2019!

  9. You had a busy year of stitching Alicia! Carnival Moon and Galaxy Girl are my fav's. All the best with your 2019 goals and may it be one of your best years yet! xxx

  10. Gorgeous stitching stunner! Love all the colours. But better blogger? GG post? Something seems to be lost in the ether LOL

  11. Looks like you had a fantastic year of stitching. I must say I’m experiencing needle minder envy of all of your charming minders.

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