Monday, September 17, 2018

Winter Stitching Wrap up!

Hi stunners!!

Apologies for the long hiatus. 

This post is dedicated to the lovely Amanda our stunning Cross Stitch Angel. Amanda has been scolding encouraging me to put out a post. So here it is. Thanks for pushing me Amanda I really need it as you can see. Thanks so much for the support too stunner.

We have just finished Winter down Under and this is what I got up to.

Three appears to be my lucky number lately. I have two page three finishes. Firstly I have completed 3 pages on Alisha. So happy to see the end of all that blue and lookie that's her foot, well the bottom of her shoe anyway, so she has technically made an appearance. The next page is going to be so cool as it's Alisha's head. And I am really enjoying diagonal stitching.

Next is Carnival Moon, another HAED.  
I haven't worked on this since 2016 and I remembered how much I love it, so have made it a focus piece. I completed page 3 as well on this beauty. I love the colours, such a fun stitch. 

Also still getting some love is Theatre of the Absurd and I pray to the cross stitching Goddesses to help me get a September finish.  Just a partial page to go and some ninja stitches on the second last page. I've forgotten what it's like to actually finish something. So it would be wicked cool to get one under my belt to spur me on. 

I was cleaning out the craft room and let me tell you that was no mean feat. I found my old old old wip of Vanity, which I started in 2010!!!! My beautiful friend Jayne from NZ RAK'd me the Max Colours version of this which I am working on as a diamond painting so I actually had no intention of finishing this as a cross stitch. But when I picked it up to throw out I just couldn't do it. All those lush purples and the bright blue in the circles that just pops against them. My cross stitching soul just wept at the thought of  abandoning her. So I have decided to keep going and gift it or maybe just keep it as a solo feature in my know when I finish it. Ha ha. This is where I left her and as you can see I'm working across the entire row. 

So that's where I am at. I'm currently doing the Mini Million Marathon on the Ultimate cross stitching FB challenge so I will be a busy Princess over the rest of September as it's a team effort to get a Million stitches in 3 weeks. So can't let the team down. 

That's all for now stunners. Thanks for visiting and I promise on all my stash to be a better blogger and blogger friend. I have set aside Thursday for blog reading so I will catch up with you all and your adventures. 

Take care stunners and may life be magical. 

xoxo Alicia


  1. Awesome progress on all of your lovely projects Alicia.


  2. Very nice progress!
    I don't think I would be able to throw out any of my projects, no matter how long they take to finish.

  3. Ah how sweet you are. You did say you wanted to post I just give a little push. Lol. Really I found your blog when I was just thinking about starting my own and now so many blogs I loved back then are just gone. I didn't what you to be the next one to go. Plus you did say you wanted to. Your stitching is amazing. All that blue had to be boring. Congrats on your page finishes. I can never get rid of mine that I don't want to stitch anymore, so your not alone there. Don't let it be so long next time ok!!!! Lol.

  4. Wow. Gorgeous progress!! Love all of them. HAED stitching is just amazing. I always find it so peaceful.

  5. My you have been busy! I just love Carnival Moon, such pretty colors. It is hard to throw away such a pretty piece. Good luck at finishing that piece in XS.

    Thank you Amanda for giving Alicia the little push she needed to make a post, I was missing the updates here!!

  6. You certainly know how to keep busy! Wonderful progress and all have such beautiful colours.

  7. I looooove the colors in Carnival Moon! I can see why you've fished it out again. And I'm glad that the beautiful Vanity stitch didn't get The Purge. My soul would weep for it too haha

  8. So nice to get an update from you, especially with such a lot of wonderful progress to show. You mentioned you didn't throw Vanity away, but did any others succumb to the bin? Please keep up with your blogging, especially now you've bet your stash on it! :)

  9. Great to see a blog post stunner! And pages finishes are even better. The colours are just stunning.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stitching!


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