Thursday, August 11, 2016

July's Journey

Hi Stunners!! 

I hope everyone had a Jubliant July.

Just popping in to share my cross stitch progress for July. 

I finally started my biggest cross stitch wip to date. This is "Our House" by Colin Thompson. The designer Kimberley Hill from Gecko Rouge believes it's the largest kit in the world and at 857 x 1189, which is a total of 1,018,973 stitches, I believe she is right. 

I have finished page 1 and made a wee start on the second page. My aim is to complete this room by room. So I will be stitching the boys room first and I'm not sure which way I will go after that. It's stitched on 18ct white Aida and the finished stitched size is 119cm x 165cm. The hardest thing to deal with is all the fabric when I'm working on it. 

Our House

I completed 3 rows of page 3 on my HAED Carnival Moon by Aimee Stewart. Page 4 is the one I will be submitting for the HAED FB Parking Challenge #3.

Sorry it's a bit dark, the colours are closer to the top pic in reality 

And for any Sydey siders I have discovered a shop called  "Achieve Australia" and it's a secondhand craft store with a difference. It is run by volunteers and all the items are donated and all the profits go to people living with disabilities. It is such an awesome shop.  Some are obviously from deceased estates where the next of kin did not have any interest in nanna's and great nanna's craft projects. There were sewing patterns from 1920!!! 

But this is what I encountered when I first walked in - rolls of cross stitch fabric starting at $1 a metre. See that long lemon one in the background? I snagged that baby - BOOM! 

This one made me laugh - had to take a photo of this - Note the "For Women Only" on the front. LOL!

And for those of us that need a bit of a kick start, here are some cross stitches and kits that were in different progress stages that you can buy and finish. 

I bought a few kits for friends that were brand new and unopened? Who are these people that get kits and don't open them to play with at least. But my bonza score was this beautiful brand new (and yes unopened!!) Maia kit - Misaki which retails for about $80AUD for $18.  

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit.  I will be back soon with the next Gifted Gorgeousness SAL post for the 15th of August...yeah right I hear you say LOL! 

Take care and keep being your beautiful selves. 

P.S. Don't forget about the Tilton Crafts Sale. The owner Shelley is having a hard time at the moment with medical issues and it will really help her out.

Love ya stunners 

xoxo Alicia


  1. Love the new start and it's nice that you are into the design already not pages of sky!
    I think the Aliexpress lost something in copyright rather than translation LOL
    Your stash bargains are awesome though, I'd have bought all the evenweave and linen just in case.

  2. Love your new start. How do you figure which room is
    Great progress on Carnival Moon.
    I agree with Jo, Aliexpress is one site which doesn't respect copyright at all.
    Oh I know the feeling of finding a second craft store . We don't have any in the place I live in. You got some great deals,my fav is the Maia kit.

  3. Carnival Moon looks great! Great stitching and great bargain finds :)

  4. Wow what a cool shop! Great progress too!

  5. Wow, that's a huge project! I don't even have a frame to fit such a large project on. Your start looks amazing and I guess there are a good bunch of progress pics to follow. Stitching this room by room seems to be a great idea, so it will consist of several smaller finishes ;-)

    I love your work on Carnival Moon, the colors and the detail are so amazing =)

  6. OK you are officially crazy. Over one million stitches?! Well if anyone can do it you can.
    I love Carnival Moon. The colours are so pretty. I really enjoy your updates on this one.


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