Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness July and June Wips

Hi Stunners!

All I can say is thank goodness for this GG Sal otherwise I don't think I would remember to post.  The 15th rolls around quite quickly. Well June was a birthday month for me and as crafty friends are oh so generous I have quite a few pretties to share. 

These are HAED gifted charts, the first two are are new releases.
Saccarine by Gracjana Zielinska was a gift from my lovely friend Nina and Tea Fairy by Enys Guerro was a gift from our beloved Helvi. 

And from Jayne I was gifted QS Hatter by Hannah Lynne which completes that Alice in Wonderland series. Woo Hoo!!! Thanks Jayne, love my Hatter charts. 

Kim Howe, my beautiful friend from Queensland sent me a very generous voucher for fabric from Colour Cascades. Which is going to come in very handy as I really want to start these 2 beauties.

I was also blessed by the ever delightful Kim Nield and Angie Perrett with Gecko Rouge Vouchers. Which will be used to buy the kit - Shelf Life by Colin Thompson. It's a whopping big chart and is over a million stitches, with the width being 1200 or so stitches. Woo Hoo!! But I think it will be super fun to stitch as every 10x10 grid is going to have some insane detail. 

Shelf Life - Colin Thompson
And for some cuteness overload. I am now the lucky and very proud owner of a beautiful personalised fuschia towel from Sharine and one of her handmade hair ties from Charbella Creations. Tots famous when you're branded on a towel. Respect! 

And Hannah (my daughter from another mother in an alternative reality) sent me a beautiful handmade card. Gotta love that Unicorn tail. I hope it's a tail anyway!

And if you're sensing a theme, anyone that knows me, knows that I love love love Unicorns. My friend from work adapted a kids book to make it more personal to me. It's so cute and a great idea. 

Thank you so much ladies for your ever so generous and thoughtful gifts. I greatly appreciated it. xoxo

And of course one must always reward oneself for making it through another year of life. So from the Crafty Princess I received this Gecko kit which I managed to buy in the 35% sale. Double Whoo Hoo. 

And I bought the Material Pack for Alisha in the kit sale from HAED, which I started 2 seconds after I opened the parcel. t's my first time using 18ct magic guide though, and I love it!! 

That's it for the GG SAL.

June Achievements 

The HAED facebook Challenge #2 - fail

This challenge was to stitch a page using cross country stitching, one colour at a time. I have tried this before but usually gave up on it as it really doesn't suit me. Well I gave it a really good go for this challenge and came up short...again. I just don't like it. I wish I did though, as I loved watching it come to life as more and more colours were packed on but hunting down those ninja stitches took the fun out of it for me.  I guess I'm just a parker. Which is why I'm excited about challenge #3 which is using the parking method. I actually have a chance of completing this one. Well here's what I managed anyway. 

Faces of Faery 81 - JBG 

I worked on Farewell to Lothlorien from Paine Free Crafts. It doesn't look like much but that's 3 page finishes. Oh yeah!!!

It's not the greatest photo but trust me in reality it looks so realistic. It's the beginning of the little pond and the detail is incredible. Absolute testimony to Sarah Paine's charting talent. I was sorry to put this one away but she will come back in the rotation again. 

I also worked on Cordelia (she reminds me of Cordy from Buffy), don't you think?) aka Vanity.  I really really wanted to get to the end of the rows as it would have marked the halfway point for the first row but I just didn't quite make it. Sad face :(

Thanks for visiting stunners. I hope July has been a great month for everyone, in every way.

If you have a choice, choose happiness!

Big love
xoxo Alicia


  1. Wow you got some beauties as gifts for your birthday.Enjoy them!

  2. Your friends have gifted you with lovely charts... plenty to keep you occupied for years!! :D The towel & books are so cute too, really fun gifts.
    I LOVE your start on Alisha!!!! Wow, look at all those bright colours, this will be fun to stitch. I'm jealous! You make it look like it is so easy to work on HaED designs but I know it really isn't.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! You have chosen some awesome charts and designs, so much colour and pretty!
    Love the personalised book too, what a sweet idea. Hannah's card is lovely too, handmade cards are so great. Please look at the one I sent you in the past and pretend it came this year! Recycling is so environmentally friendly.

  4. Great post Alicia. You have received some lovely gifts. Awesome progress on your projects in June.


  5. I love the new charts you got, especially Saccarine and I hope you start her very very soon =)
    Great work on your projects =) I have Farewell to Lothlorien in my stash as well and ne day I will start and eventually finish it ;-) Your looks great!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Your friends obviously know you very well.
    I love the colours in Alisha and don't blame you for starting her straight away.
    I am still reeling at the number of stitches in Shelf Life!

  7. Happy birthday Alicia you got some great gifts! I'm excited to watch your progress on shelf life but dang that's a lot of stitches! We're the complete opposite lol I love cross country and am a tad Leary about parking but I'll try my best. Gotta finish this section of paradise first though :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Alicia! Looks like you were loved and spoiled for your special day! I can't wait to see some new starts on your blog with all those great gifts. Great stitching on everything and I just LOVE Faces of Faery!

    Until the next time...

  9. Great job in all your progress, Shelf life is georgeus it will be very funny!!


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