Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness August 2016

Hi stunners!

I have a new start that fits in with the GG SAL. This is Supersized Max Colours The Butterfly Ball by Aimee Stewart, from HAED. It took 2 days and I still didn't complete the full 20 rows on the first page, with 230 colours...hellllooo confetti.

This tiny chart :p was a gift from my lovely friend Nina of Pistot-Stitches

I try and match the needleminders to the design. 

Additionally my work colleague started stitching "Jeunes filles au piano" (Young girls by the Piano) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 4 years ago. When she was a little girl, her piano teacher had this framed print hanging on the wall by her piano and Nenie has always loved it. She managed to find it in cross stitch form from Golden Kite. But it's been abandoned for all these years and it would pain my heart walking past her locker at work knowing there was a cross stitch neglected and sad in there. Soooo after years of chastising her she allowed me to rescue this lil baby. I pulled it out and it's in a mess. The parked threads will have to be snipped away as it's too frayed and fibrous to use, the fabric is soiled as she left them in the q-snaps all this time.(**Sigh**) But I will be taking it home tonight and giving it a lovely soak in my special cross stitch fabric solution. It's going to be as good as new. And then I will start working on it for the IHSW this weekend. I will give it back to her when finished though, as it's got such a lovely sentimental attachment for her. 

Best of all I have another contender for this SAL! Woo hoo!

That's all for this post stunners. Thank you to Serendipitous Jo for organising this SAL It's my only SAL so I'm very grateful to Jo as I am managing to keep up with it. 

Take care everyone.
May life be magical

xox Alicia


  1. Fantastic progress on both. Well done on persuading her to let you finish such a beautiful project. Best of luck with it.

  2. Beautiful pieces and gorgeous stitching! Really looking forward to watching your progress on them.
    I love your needleminders. I've become as obsessed with them as I am the charts!

  3. Butterfly Ball is a truly stunning piece! You have made a great start on it :) I am guessing this beauty will take years of devoted stitching before we can admire it in its entirety!!! This is mad!
    A lovely gesture to your friend too. So many beautiful charts out there and so little time to work on them all, it is not fair ;)

  4. Nice progress on Butterfly Alicia. How sweet of you to rescue your friends xs. It is a beautiful design.


  5. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, I am so happy to be encouraging you to keep up with the SAL.
    Great rescue, it will make an awesome retirement gift for your friend!

  6. I *LOVE* the butterfly ball. Its one of only a few that I wish I could do in Super Size. Ah well, maybe I'll be able to devote the time one day. I'm so looking forward to seeing yours bloom and grow.

  7. Thankyou so much Crafty Princess for rescuing "Girls by the Piano". I would love to see it finished one day, but would also love you to keep it, it is such a gorgeous cross stitch and I so wish I had the eyes, determination and ability to finish it...but I know you are just the gal for this. Thankyou again lovie, you're the best.

  8. Butterfly ball is a great are off to a good start.
    Wow its so generous of you to finish the GK project for your friend.
    Looking fwd to updates on these two.

  9. Butterfly Ball is gorgeous! It reminds me of a beautiful illustrated book we had at my primary school.
    Well done on rescuing your friend's lovely stitching too.

  10. The Butterfly Ball is such a lovely and colorful design. I think the Aimee Stewart are often a great choice for supersize or max color version because they are so full of detail. Your start looks amazing and I am looking forward to see more of it =)
    Girls by the Piano is very lovely and it would be a pity if it were to become an UFO, I'm happy you've taken it in and I am looking forward to see your work on it =) I hope the bath will help the fabric recover =)

  11. Butterfly Ball is gorgeous Alicia! Tiny chart, haha... That is sweet of you to stitch Girls by the Piano for your friend; what a generous person you are and I am sure she will treasure all the more once it is stitched!

  12. Gorgeous work on yours, and wow, the rescued one looks like a lot of confetti as well. Good luck with both.


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