Friday, April 10, 2015


Hi Stunners!

I got back from the coast in time for Easter celebrations with my family and in time for YOTA!!! (only a little bit late - sorry)

I didn't manage to stitch alot whilst I was away so that trip back home to get more wip's was a little tiny waste of time! But luckily I got a lot of loud singing and car dancing  done, which either amuses or annoys my fellow motorists.

During these car trips back and forth I did get a lot of cross stitch thinking achieved. And I decided that YOTA will be for my SAL wips - I mean it's an acronym right?

Thank you to everyone that replied on last months YOTA post. I really appreciate your feedback and I will take your advice and complete the page of Theatre of the Absurd before progressing to Fragile. However as I forgot to bring it to the coast (on both trips) I will post the progress of my new SAL wip by Gecko Rouge.

It's called Frank by Anita Inverarity  however I have dubbed him Prince Rupert from the realm of Rippitswood!

He will look like this eventually:

but at the moment he looks like this!

I love frogs and in the stitching world they get such a bad rap. So out of all the designs offered for the SAL I thought I would choose the frog to show my support for our misunderstood friends. Plus he was the only one wearing a crown and I do love my tiara's!

Just a quickie today stunners.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some yummy chocolate!
Take care everyone and give yourself a big hug from me cos I luv ya <3

xoxo Alicia


  1. What a great use of YOTA. This is a fun looking project and you have made a great start on it. Sounds like you had a good time on your holiday.

  2. Cute froggie, he seems rather smaller than the usual chart.

  3. Cute Frog! I car dance too, much to the dismay of my kids. It wouldn't be worth it if I didn't embarass them from time to time.

  4. What a cute design and nice progress Alicia.


  5. I love this cute design. Too funny that you are stitching a frog! I hope he keeps the others away from your stitching.

  6. Great pattern. You have got a lot done:)

  7. I think that Prince Rupert is to cute! Can't wait to see more of him and his crown! ;)

  8. Another cute new start, Alicia. Now where's the Theatre of the Absurd finish that we are all waiting for?!!! :)

  9. That's a great idea for YOTA! You've made a great start on Prince Rupert! I can't wait to see what else you've been stitching on.

    Glad that you had a nice break, even if you didn't get a lot of stitching in, it's nice to have a break from that every so often too!

  10. Great new start Alicia, this is a cute design.
    I had to smile that you chose a frog, you know us stitchers are not too fond of them :D


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