Friday, June 19, 2015


How's that for a total Acronym title! 

Hi Stunners!!! I'm so sorry for the hiatus, but as I was sooo late with my May updates that it was almost June so I decided to wait for the June posting.

And now I'm late with the June one *sigh*

But I got a lot of stitching done so that's good, right? 

First up my YOTA pieces 


TOTA - still haven't quite managed that blasted page finish...I'm determined to have it done by July as I really really want to finish this one this year. Just 2 partial pages after this. Thank the gods!


Gecko Rouge SAL 2015



I also love how Gecko Rouge are now offering needleminders that match the kit. It's great to have that inspiration right on the fabric as you stitch. Look at that little cute Froggie Prince


Rose Zircon was chosen for both May and June's GG SAL. I would dearly love to get at least the top row completed by the end of the year. I'm really not enjoying this one at all, which is why it's taking so long to get any progress.

I'm glad it's a gift for my sister because once it's finished I never want to see her again. I know that sounds harsh but there are alot of problems with it.

The Mystic chart symbols are so hard to follow on this. I've never liked the use of letters as symbols on cross stitch charts. MS use all 26 letters in capitals and then another 26 in lower case and if the chart calls for more than 52 colours, then they use symbols. I'm sure there are stitchers that don't mind or prefer this but I'm not one of them. I kept mistaking the "c" for  "e" so many times ergggh! 

Plus the fabric is an ice dye hand dye and on the 20ct it has swelled the fabric so much that it's almost like working on a 25ct using 2 threads over 1, so it's very tight and makes the confetti so much harder to handle. I was thinking of re-starting on another fabby but I just couldn't bring myself to do Page 1 again. So I will struggle through. My sister saw the chart and the fabric that was dyed specifically for this chart and loved it so I don't have the heart to scrap it. 


I don't know what's going on with me and page finishes lately...just can't quite get there LOL!

And speaking of Gifted beautiful friend Helvi, RAK'd this stunning chart to me! It's a whopping 999 x 775. It's going to look breathtaking stitched with all that detail coming through. Thank you so much Helvi, you're so generous honey. 

Supersized - Past Present Future - Aimee Stewart

That's all for now stunners. My next post I have at least 3 page finishes on my wips...possibly even 4 with any luck and no distractions! Ha ha not likely. 

I've been reading blogs for the last 2 days and I've almost caught up. I still have a few to go though. There has been some amazing stitching going on out there stunners. 

I will post again next week or so. 

Take care lovely stunners - I'll leave you with the meme that was sent to me and made me smile! 

xxoxx Alicia


  1. Great progress! I feel with you for those letters ... my Michael Powell has C in 3 different sizes same goes for + and a few other letters/symbols ... when you end up adding green to where no green is meant to be is very disheartening. But the project looks amazing so hopefully you will continue persevering.

  2. Wonderful progress on all of your projects Alicia.


  3. Great progress on your projects! Although I have to disagree with that meme lol I'm totally committed to finishing my WIP before starting any of my others. However I concede when I do finish I will definitely be starting like 6 projects at a time lol. I haven't really had that problem with charts but all of my charts are pretty much HAED and Tilton Crafts except my one Love Thy Thread which is my current WIP.

  4. Alicia, maybe there is no page finish this time but there is plenty of lovely progress!! Well done & keep stitching :)

  5. Amazing stitching! I know that you may not have quite got the page finishes that you wanted, but there has been significant progress!

    I Love Rose Zircon, it's a pain that you aren't enjoying it, especially when you haven't even got too much done :( I do have a few Mystic Stitch charts but I've not stitched them yet, now I'm not sure I ever will!! I hate the use of letters as symbols as well!

  6. Wonderful progress on everything, I look forward to seeing some page finishes next time :) Sorry to here that Rose Zircon is giving you so much trouble. I hope that you can manage to get into a flow with it and it won't be so tiresome.

  7. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love TOTA it's a beautiful piece.

    I hope when you say you never want to see her again that "her" is Rose Zircon not your sister!

    The final piece is bizarre, very abstract. I would be tempted just to get the left side hand dyed to match and only stitch the right side!

  8. o man, I take issue with that meme! I can't stand having so much on the go; it'd drive me nuts haha.

    Love your progress pics, they really show the beautiful fabric you're working on. I hope chart designers take note of these complaints! It's hard enough working confetti without trying to decipher what color it's supposed to be as well!

  9. Look at all the beautiful things you made!
    And I agree with the meme completely

  10. Your stitching looks great as always.
    I am also stitching my way through Theatre of the Absurd and I am still confident that we can finish it this year! I already put in 300 stitches this month and UFO-week has not yet started :D I am working column by column, so no confetti-relief for me. The two partial pages have less confetti than the full pages (well, page 4 has, I have it in front of me, and I am remembering page 3 to have more block stitching except for that funny ball the guy is balancing on), so I guess you will speed up ;)

    Rose Zircon looks great, but I can understand your trouble. I never did a mystic stitch chart before, but I am very good at mixing up symbols and all the letters would confuse me a lot. I hope that it will eventually get better and you can make a stunning gift for you sister =)

    Past Present Futur looks amazing! I have seen a finish of the regular version and that was breathtaking. The color look so nice and must be real fun to stitch =) I hope you will start this soon (It's going to take a while to get finished, so better start early).

  11. Beautiful progress and I agree I hate letters as symbols. Great meme and perfect for you lolxx

  12. lovely progress !!

  13. I love that meme! Just right for you. You may not have achieved page finishes but you're so nearly there with all of them! Could you try highlighter pens on the Mystic Stitch one to differentiate between similar symbols?
    What a gorgeous and generous gift from Helvi though I have to agree with Jo that I would cheat and only stitch the right hand side!

  14. Hi Alicia
    Look forward to read a post from you again:)


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